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  1. Nah re! humlog ka boards are starting in last Feb week of feb !! so its gonna be march till I get my net back

  2. Actually my Net has been cut off at home.......And I dont really like going to cyber's< They dont give you the personal feel And right now X'mas is round the corner so I've go some kind of breather
  3. I like the old set. Its much lighter on the eyes!!
  4. No were!! Actually my HSC exams are in Feb!! I have to study hard for it!!Atleast thats what my mom says!!
  5. I didnt really have any problems with bullies in my school life, so I dont really know what to do about them. Im just posting here cause I read in todays newspaper that two 14year old boys shot four rounds at a classmate coz he was bullying them! May I'll link that article later if I get time!!
  6. Hey guys! Im back after a loooonnngg time!! I can see a lot of stuff going around here, just thought of posting some mindless crap so that you guys dont forget me. Hey K9 sorry for your friend man!! I know how hard it is to lose a friend!! And hey MrLlamaLlama congrats on your new position!! Wheres Spaz cant see much of him, or has he changed his name again?? Oh yeah.....My next post may be after 1-2months!! bye dudes take care!!! play nice
  7. haha!! sorry dude but thats the way I am!! :P

  8. PC!!....I cant get it for a console as I dont have one and I cant go and puchase one as I have to concenrate on studies for my big exam!!
  9. its bad !! very bad!! so bad bad bad!!
  10. Am I the only one here who hates Jerry? I mean he gets away with anything, Tom is just doing his job but he still gets hurt and even killed(remember the episode were his head get chopped of)
  11. The Third trailor should show places around the city and the interiors and stuff, and IT should be a lil longer too!!
  12. It has something to do with the water content or fluids in the cabbage, come to think about it I dont know of any fresh vegetable that catches fire!!
  13. Does sound cool, like in hitman instead of going to the police HQ to grab the cloths Maybe even rip off a womans dress while at it. *joke*
  14. Looked boring!!.....filled with news videos thingy only!!
  15. Ill watch it as soon as I get hold of my PC!!
  16. I own nokia 6600, the black one!! I might get an n70 or n72 when I have enough cash!!! Btw I didnt really like the n91 !! it felt to bulky!!
  17. Nice vid Ram, as JayD said its better than your first two vids Keep working on your stunting, Best of luck!!
  18. I like the GFX, but sorry no request at present...Im trying to improve my photoshop skills too so using my own grapics!!
  19. Paking meters that work, So that your newly customised car just dosent get towed away or dissapeared if you go into a building or little far from that car!!
  20. Om afraid of heights and water!!!
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