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  1. Showing "the finger" is kinda...umm how should I put it......kinda old and dumb even though some think its "Cool"....especially in pics, the last guy who showed me his finger had it fractured or sparined or something Anyways back on topic, Awesome pics Sky and Dazza looking good!! Chris is that the camera in your pic or something in the background??
  2. Among those movies I like 300 the best, I had gone to see norbit but its poster looked so crap that I watched the marine instead
  3. The best Harry potter movie is Chamber of secrets, and as for the book I loved HBP!!
  4. In the mission martha's mugshot,when that politian guy tells her to call him martha!! How many voodoo's are used in the mission trojan voodoo??
  5. Oh goody, hope you meet FakeG there Other then that it rained year, Which is good coz the heat was getting nto my head also you get to see girls in wet T shirts too!! and tommorow morning Ive gotta go out for some work and then POTC in the evening
  6. Aww..thats sad,Hope he is found its a dangerous world out there Tommorow Ive got a test and I feel good about it, Other then that I had some good chinese food and Im most probably gonna go for Pirates of the carrabian or Shrek 3 this sunday!!
  7. Favorite Car: Comet Favorite Bike: Angel Favorite Helicopter: Sea Sparrow
  8. Cool pic, Squid and Jack T do look some what alike You have some superb photshop skills!!
  9. hmm.......do you have four accounts???
  10. Wow your damn superb !!

    gotta go make a "Jade fan"userbar!!

  11. how come ur so blue in your pic??
  12. Vice City had a demo?? No I dont think GTA4 will have a demo, as Jared said no 3d GTA had a demo,I dont really like demos they make me more impatient to play the real thing!!
  13. Wow man,I had kinda the same dream a few days back but there were no cliff or rocks or anything just falling and falling and falling Actually I dont remember most of my dreams,only if I keep on thinking about it I remember it
  14. Just tween(I think thats the word) the background image from top to bottom and Add your text as the first layer, that should do it!! Btw cool sig dazza!!
  15. Welcome killborgkid and Mr kool, Dont be a noob, and please dont act gangsta
  16. Welcome all new guys As you see we are all friendly people around here btw Im a ninja @YJ : Thank you
  17. Good dazza bars Ram, I like the Xbox 360 one!!
  18. Yups, Here too....In India the people are not very open minded.I think they lock you up or sumthng if you act gay in public They evn lock you up for public display of affection..hmm to think about it they lock guys up for preety much everything But still if soimeone acts gay the public treats him or hr like a wieardo and tease them aand stay away and stuff btw im straight!!
  19. well thats cool! just need to add the border a little more thicker. Actually I tried using a White border but it didnt turn out so good,then my PC hanged so I coudnt save the psd Ill try again tommorow!!
  20. I think it has something to do with the left half of the brain and right half of the brain,If your left handed then your right side of the brain is stonger and if your right handed yout left side is stonger...atleast thats what our science teacher thoughr us!!
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