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  1. Why is Silberio quaking around the place??
  2. Considering that I dont have a GF at present I'd go for Carmen Electra KFC or Subway??
  3. This one is better Okay I created another Dazza bar [img=http://img184.imageshack.us/img184/636/mfddg7.jpg]
  4. Looks good !! The text has gone a bit higher *adds dazzabar to siggy*
  5. I wonder why?? Enough. Move it elsewhere or I'll move a temp posting ban your way. Your choice. Aww, Now look what you have done,you made Jared mad!! Anyways coming back on topic Welcom Ali and Martin Ali are from India too??
  6. What if I dont want to f*** a guy??
  7. ^^^ 10X!! Anyways welcome new members
  8. Have you seen a big knocker???
  9. Hey buddy!! dropped by to say Hi

  10. Do you really love him???
  11. Willyou do it for Silberio??
  12. My leg is feeling much better now,if anyone wants to know!! Just got back from my classes and now Im downloading a Naruto episode!!
  13. Well Jared got it right Do you do sexual favors??
  14. I think its something like u and ur friendz here make a posse ad do shit... Anyone else have problems understanding what was just said here? Please, use full words, your not typing on a phone, keyboards aren't that hard to use are they, really? I think he said "Its were you and your friends pose while shitting" @MPG :Not to be rude or anything, but common dude sat typing the whole word or soon you'll be flamed by all the other users, AND thats something you dont want!!
  15. AVG does have some bugs, but it dosent use up much of the memory or the Internet. I used to have an Antivirus some time back (I dont remember the name) it used to detect a virus every 10mins and the warning used to go off like a nuke siren(literally). Damn thing used to freak me out!!
  16. I use AVG anti virus, Its preety good considering I've(MY PC) not got infected for a long time. Norton used to make my PC lagg for some reason.
  17. Welcome Herbitron5000, You sound smart @Silberio: I was literally lol'd when I read that comment by you on Jared....dude your funny!!
  18. WTF !! How the hell did I not see that @Ram : Dont tell anyone about that!! EDIT : Due to massive typo!!
  19. 100 hours!! wow thats going to be one big a** storyline, but i dont like the sequel idea during a sequel it gets somewat boring(or maybe thats just for me)
  20. Hello new people!! Welcome to the forums,dont get killed,Stay active!!
  21. Sweet!! Awsum vid!!....gotta go watch it again!!
  22. He insulted him in the Vercetti mansion bar, During the mission were you have to take out the security guys It was after that mission that Lance called up tommy to tell him that he was insulted
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