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  1. Hey happy Bday Silberio !! Sorry I coudnt wish you before!!
  2. Stream for me!! If I download any more Ill be exceding my bandwidth!! And UL !! sick vid dude!!
  3. Great find, Ill try it when I get my SA to start working on my pc!!
  4. Cool vid Ill give it 7/10 I was wondering, What did you use fraps for??
  5. er..hey happy Bday!! srry coudnt wish you Yday!! :P

  6. My first comp stats!! IBM 240mhz Windows 98 Soundblaster sound card No grapics card EDIT: And 2gb Hdd
  7. Im registered on GTAF but didnt like it there!! There are just too many members I was also registered on another gta site in 2001-02 but they had an age limit there and when those guys came to know I was underage (11 or 12 sumthing) they stated acting like wierdos and treated me like a kid, so I quit that site I like it here cause every one treats you alike and you get noticed for whatever you do, also the staff is good too so no spaming and other crap takes place here Other then that Im a member on ipmart forums too.
  8. I liked the first two movies!! I might watch the third too but Im gonno be busy with my studies or sometime now!!
  9. Oh my!! Reminded me of GTA with the chainsaw!!! Heres my best
  10. Hey!! 98 years eh!! cool

  11. Im having a VERY boring day so far,had classes in the morning and now Im at home all bored and hungry and sleepy and now my keyboard is pissing me of coz suddenly some keys stop working!!
  12. gently caress th frolicking word filters!!!
  13. er......Me male and no pets *frowns* Btw Welcome 7.62mm, We both have joined on the same date!! cool!!
  14. Wow !! I like the lambo too, I suck at painting with the mouse still Il give it a try EDIT: Oky heres mine, I call it modern art You'll know why
  15. We have AMD around but Im using intel
  16. Whens will I get to see ur next stunt vid??
  17. Same old thing about drinking and driving!! She tried to et away, but now she's called back into court!!
  18. You mean fuck Man I going nuts with all this I loving....opps...fucking
  19. ^^Paris Hilton(the bitch) after few hours in jail!! EXCLUSIVE PIC ONLY ON TGTAP
  20. I love? Noo.....I fuck Thx godfather
  21. go to My controls>edit profile info>and change the custom title thing!!
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