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  1. 5/10 @Alkaline: It goes with the nick, get it? banana,monkeys,evolution...me! deep eh!!
  2. Xbox 360's hardware is very unreliable, I checked it out with a guy in my neibourhood a few weeks back(cause I was supposed to purchase it for the GTA4 release), turns out his console RroD in about 6months, then he asked for a replacement, which he received after a month after days of explaining over the phone. Heres the best part the replacement which arrived RroD a week later and microsoft are not ready to replace it for 3-4 months because they are out of stock or some crap like that. So now I've dumped he idea of getting a console decide to get some stuff for my PC instead. Best of luck kerby hope you don't have to wait too long.
  3. Looks like you've been introduced to th rules and introduction topic. Welcome to the forum TRC you look like a good member. Don't worry I'll not flame you on your first day here
  4. Yu guys hve a new editor man!! I am so happy for GLS and you godfather. Waiting for your next video
  5. Vice city, Tommy was much more respectable then CJ, No one dared messing with him, Also he did not have to bother about his girlfriends and appearance. San andrease was too long for my liking, although some of the missions were better then vice city.
  6. Yeah! They may be unregistered members and many of them are probably google bots and spiders which search engines like yahoo and google use.
  7. XLBR thats basically what Gerard meant by sub-forums.Having a separate forum would be a waste of resources, a new staff having knowledge of foreign languages would have to be formed. Also the sie would be probably dead as very few of the users would contribute to it. TGTAP has more than 13000 users but only 50-75 users contribute regularly. I would write more but have to shut down my comp for the night.
  8. Any one tried bribing the mods or admins wid tgtap money??
  9. Holy crap! They put a living hamster in a microwave, those are some cruel bitches. Its just summer here and the heat is getting to me, imagine the lil dude watching his limbs getting toasted away.
  10. I was supposed to get a console this vacation, but now I've decided to upgrade my comp instead get a new GPU some Gigs of ram. and a better cooling system. So guess I'll be waiting for the PC release. Deji I think you'll have to upgrade to 1gig ram to play it,not sure though.
  11. Granted but then you'll be paralysed for the rest of your life and die before touching it. I wish the person who corrupts my wish should get fucked in the ass by 1000 Elephants
  12. Earlier, in 9th grade to be specific I used to follow only rap/hip hop stuff, used to rap in school and do stuff of that sort but later on the stuff got boring. It used to be the same thing in different words either your family or friends getting killed, about gangster,etc. Very few guys have started spitting out tracks which you actually like and want to hear over and over again. Rap may not be bad but its getting a bit tiresome. Oh yeah this is one of my favourite recent rap video
  13. Even if Rockstar edits something out of the game to avoid the censor, there is going to be a patch later on released to unlock all that stuff like the hot coffee mod. And I dont think it will be anything which is going to affect the online gameplay. It will probably be some changes in the graphics, they might make it less gory or something of that sort
  14. Seriously, Who reads any of the rules? Well except for newbies who have never posted on a forum who want to show how knowledgeable they are by posting one word post all over the forums, its common sense that you have to respect the mods if you don't want an ass whipping. By Hey Fido, Welcome to the forums!
  15. lmfao! You really need a new editor, don't you Godfather!
  16. You should post some of your works, Sample videos anything which you have edited. Show your skills so that the clns know wht they are going in for.
  17. Anyone fooled by google's April fool prank yet. I felt it very lame this year. The last year's Toilet broadband article was must better Btw Happy April fool everyone
  18. The wallpapers are very good, But the GTA 4 logo which your using is a low quality and its looks a bit blurry. Except for that its very innovative
  19. Game ratings is not a problem here in India, Even a ten year old kid can walk into a store and get a 18+ dvd. Although it may affect the sales for the company.
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