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  1. Sweet art works. I like the second one!
  2. Chirs your lucky that I don't stay near by or you would have to call the cops for some stolen stuff in the morning. Man for the first time I'm jealous of you.
  3. For some reason I didnt like the music, It was not in sync with the pace of the video. The some of stunts were some what average, altough there were few sweet ones, I loved the last one. Editing was between average and Good. Overall I'll give it 7/10
  4. OH great! GLS video, I'll wait for the LQ my bandwidth and PC is too fucked up too download any thing.
  5. Something like this Red? I could'nt get the revolving logo so I used a normal one, I'll edit it if you can provide me with it (the link you posted does not work). I used to use this s/w sometime back but its the first time I'm making a theme for anyone else. Also for some reason my old account is not working anymore. If you like the theme then pay Huck i.e if you are going to pay anything or you can wait till he makes one for you. Hey Huck hope you don't mind.
  6. 50 Cent - Ayo Technology (Feat Justin Timberlake)
  7. There is a topic already on using Zmodeler HERE.I'm not very sure but I remember Zmodeler being a freeware. Try searching in modding sctions you'll find the tutorials there.
  8. I think I was 11-12 when I played GTA-VC, Then I got hold of GTA 3 and went crazy for GTA SA. I remember playin GTA classic when I was 9-10 but didnt really play it so i guess that does not count.
  9. Try ironing it, Most of the guys here do that. I think it lasts until you cut you hair
  10. Secrets of Bermuda triangle revealed on DVD
  11. I'm imagining the scene from matrix. Overall good story, Just wished that the end should have showed a caring side, like He punched the girl went to bed and weeped and then....
  12. Whats the difference? I like hentai
  13. I actually like curly hair, I wanted to try it out before getting my hair cut short. Maybe next time.
  14. I have a Cross between a mohawk and an afro. Used to have long Wavy hair a month back, Now summer is here and long hair is hard to maintain with all the dust and sweat. Maybe I'll go for a cut today I'm thinking of trying out Kanye west's cut. YJ you have remarkable resemblance to Exee E's daughter.
  15. Dj Teko vs. Timbaland- The Way I Are(Club Remix)
  16. Super mario- My PC is too screwd up to run any thing else
  17. damn!! More like sniffing your butt
  18. lolz...i didnt see the rulz .....im a noob...
  19. lolz check again!!

  20. yea.. exams were okay!! wat bout urs

    take the id from my profile

  21. Woah! Pulsar mania, Pulsar is one of the best bikes around, Just modify the rear shocks into a single one and it'll look 'sweet'. One dude I know here has done that I'll try and ge a pic If I can Cool bike Wheelman, Im not much of bike person but that looks like a good bike
  22. Hey, I used to be here about Nine months back, Then I went dead till few days back because of exams and stuff, Many new guys here since then So I'm giving an Intro again Im from India and just turned 7teen this Jan...Thank you Gycu and Thomas and TGTAP( :-) ) for the birthday wishes
  23. Thanks guys!!! have a good day

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