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  1. looks good!! i once tried making chips,totally burnt them (nobody knew about it:ph34r:) Now i stick to fries only(simple to make)
  2. @Rashon125 : i said sword type(should've written kinda like swords) not totally swords @Croscopian : isnt that a machete??,looks kinda smaller though!!
  3. Hey Jade and Thomas !! Welcome to TGTAP have a rocking time!!
  4. the font is guttural and the second font is space age found it on dafont.com Thanks to JayD and ram for that!!
  5. Heres my first siggy usong transparency!! Basically its just text and some colour but it looked preety good to me and the pinch of red to give it a kinda axe and blood effect btw Thanks for the advice Spaz, would have taken me ages to figure out how to get it to look like that
  6. Actually he droped his ketchup on me i freaked coz it was a new cargo and then i dropped my chicken(which is very bad coz i was very hungry and i was very low on cash) And i didnt really beat him up just caught his neck and whispard sumthngs in his ear
  7. The only sword type weapons in VC were 1.Katana 2.Knife 3.Machete 4.Meat Cleaver @evabin2libertycity: there was no kitana If this is what you meant then it is a katana not kitana As for the weapons. I'd like some more some more stealth weapons lke fiber wire,silenced pistol... Also i did like the katana And some more weapons like heat seaking rocket in SA!!
  8. Todays day!! 1.Got up (11Am) 2.Got ready for class 3.Met a friend 4.Grabbed something to eat at KFC 5.Beat up a guy who dropped his ketchup on me 6.Got kicked out 7.Returned home 8.typing this DAMN I FORGOT ABOUT MY CLASSES!!!
  9. I had watched the april fools one before !!! those guys are hilarious. The pokemon vid rocked too!!
  10. Well i dumped my old monitor when all that started happening(it was pretty old anywayz) Yours should work fine.My friend's monitor usd to have th same problem some months back but its still working fine
  11. It has always been like this,hasnt it?? i mean if your shot with a pistol you hardly get hurt, if ur shot with a smg your hurt slightly more but if your hit with a rocket launcher or sniper you drop dead on the spot As for the shark it woudnt be very real woud it?? I like it the way it is
  12. EvoLuTioN


    so when s dazza gonna return????
  13. maybe the wire connecting to your monitor is lose or sumthing some times my screen goes zzzz wen my cell is nearby i dont think you'll be able to capture it wid a sceenshot though!!
  14. Dar el or dazaa ur FREAKY!!! so u like superman or S stands for sumthing even more freakishly crazy????
  15. soooooo.....dazzabar is gonna remain dazzabar or dar el bar?? btw welcome all new members!!
  16. lolz!! btw grapics bhari bana raha hai aaj kal!!

  17. hahahah!! poccha kab???

  18. wanna chk out my hindi den?? :D

    the name is Rohan!!

  19. watcing it again for the 10 or 12th time maybe
  20. 3 is definatly better den 2!!! I cheaked it out wid some of my friends on sunday and it was AWESUM!! the funniest part was during the graveyard scene wen one guy shouted "wooo wat a babe!!" everyone was kinda serious and crying and stuff and we were laughing our a**es of!!
  21. india dude!!

    ya dont wrry i will!! btw im juss chkd out ur sig topic!! cool gifs bro!!!

  22. nm bro!! vacations goin on!! im enjoyin!!

  23. Great vid!! superb editing!!
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