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  1. Hahaha!! That sucks man !! JC rocks!! Mumbai kicks ass !!!(no offence)
  2. School?? Isnt 11th and 12th Junior college??
  3. Total 3hours or 9hours for 3 subjects??? If its three hours then DUDE UR LUCKY!!! HERE GUYS SIT FOR 9-10hours IN CLASSES If nine hours then its normal!!
  4. WoW !! Well im in 12th too (Passed 11th ) My vacs are going on right now and classes are in the morning for arround 3-4hrs sumthng so rest of the day im free...w00t!! Science is kinda tough though,Commerce rulz!!!
  5. GOF sucked.The other three movie were really good,the chamber of secrets is the best movie in the series
  6. Installed GTA VC yesterday !! Been playing it all day and today too Reminds me of the old days when i just coudnt wait for SA to release on PC(coudnt afford a console ) Btw JayD shudnt you be in 11th??
  7. I can write a lil bit with my left hand but I write better with my right hand
  8. What happens when we die??
  9. Hey guess what!! I FLUNKED MY TEST!!!! AaaaaAaaaAAAAHH......i gonna be killed!!! other then that i met a hot girl !! gonna go out tonite!!
  10. rasmus-in the shadows!! been ages since ive eard dis!!
  11. Im having a freaking test tommorow!!! :bashhead: im gonna totally flunk it !! and then Im gonna get an as* kicking Awww freakin hell i have to submit my assingment tommorow!! rorally forgot about it!! tomms gonna be 1 bad bad bad day!!
  12. ^^^^^ :rofl2:Lmfao!!! Why does architect get wet dreams!!
  13. They should thorw the bastard who kidnaped her for 10-20years in prison
  14. His B'day is on 13th isnt it!! Anywayz Happy Birthday
  15. heY!! HAPPY BDAY DUDE!! have a rocking day!!

  16. I read this in the newspaper few days back Its really very sad i hope they find her
  17. I agree too Why dosent he object voilent movies or explicit lyrics?? Why is it that he thinks only games cause violence R* should make a mission in which you have to torture and kill a character resembling Jack Thomson BTW th CJ pic is cool!! it put a smile on my face
  18. Looks good!! But im still more intrested in the movie!!
  19. Hey no probs bro!! i know how you feel I just read the topic and everyone was like "whats a kitana and katana and stuff" so i just posted that Now back on topic Woudnt it be cool to throw the knives(blade type weapons ) and attack the people
  20. Shoudnt this be in fun and games ?? Anyways 50 stars the game kicks you out for excessive criminal rating!!
  21. Ps3 most probably, Whatever it be,the pc version should be rocking!!
  22. Last week i was playing football, concentrated somemuch on the ball that i didnt notice the pole in front of me....banged my ear into it....not much harm done but i thought i was gonna go deaf!!
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