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  1. hahah ! they shud make a show on it kinda like the next season of simple life and name it prison life!! or maybe another Btw superb pic!!
  2. hahahah!! looks awsome!!....pity ive to wait 3 months to watch it!!
  3. dumb slut !! dumb slutt!! dumb slut!! She is MEGA DUMB!! They shud lock her up for bing so dumb!! imagine Paris hilton in prison "ewww wats tht!! ur not hot eww"
  4. WoW Cool find jared!!simpsons and gta two of my favourite things in life!
  5. I dont have a pet!! Btw guyz those pets a cool!! really wish i had 1!!
  6. It has to be released for PC !! or else ill have to wait till i get a ps3 or 360!! and tht aint gonna be soon!!!
  7. Here are some of my user bars!! [img=http://img127.imageshack.us/img127/7089/itubrv8.gif] [img=http://img481.imageshack.us/img481/6269/rubzt0.gif] [img=http://img481.imageshack.us/img481/8397/blubgy1.gif] [img=http://img127.imageshack.us/img127/5351/chubsx6.gif] [img=http://img127.imageshack.us/img127/1741/yaubwp8.gif]
  8. I didnt noe microsoft made CS!! jack t is just being a massive dick!! Now he has got R* and microsoft two huge companies against him !! wow thats an achievment!! there are voilent movies,violent tv shows,violents songs......but all he can see is violent games!!
  9. hey bro!! thnks for tht!!

    srry i didnt notice ur comment before!!

  10. It shud b more realistic in the grapics aspect of the game! but it shud still have the cartoony gta touch!! Also as dicussed bfore the car crashin shud have some diffrent effect!!Like if u crash into a building or tree at a very high speed den u fly thru the windshield or sumthng!! but it shudnt be too realistic like u have to go pee very 5hours or sumthing!!
  11. Yaa i noe ! my 1 and 2nd are kinda similar Heres my third!!
  12. WooW bro!!! superb video!! 1 of the best stunt vid ive seen around here!!!
  13. HEy everyone who have joined after me have a rocking time in this rockin site!! Thnks Jared,LV and croscorpian for the personal welcome !!
  14. Hey bro !! here u go clicky Got another link!!
  15. hey guyz cheak it out !! The microsoft's website has been hacked a few hours before by so hacker known as cybert or Cyber terrorrist for more info chk out the link Chk it out quickly before it is fixed!! Hacking is getting seriously outta hand!! post ur coment about it here !!
  16. Well i think Roman is the main character !!!! Who ever be the main character i cant wait to play the game!!!
  17. Hey all!! kinda a new guy around here Well ive joined a month back and have to say im havin a blast here!!! Not yet got on any ones nerves!! BTW am i the only person to notice spaz in a female??....if no then Srry!!!
  18. Cool !! no more loading screens !! that used to be soo bugging!! wow good to see the cell phone feature First they took away planes now paracute!! aAaAaaAaaAAHHH!!!!
  19. took me around 15mins to prepare the frams and stuff!!!!
  20. thank you guyz for all the positive feedback!!! to u all!!
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