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  1. WooW man!! that is some massive advertisment!!!!
  2. hey guyz this is my first gif !! and the first time ive used photoshop!! plz post ur coments on it!!
  3. Happy bday king2003!! btw my bday is jan 91!!! Yeah im 16!!
  4. i am jack thomson and i LOVE gta and all voilent games!! oh ya im sexy too!!
  5. SWEET stunts,cool editing,good music!! ill give it 9/10 nicely done!!
  6. Ill most probably be watchin it on dvd not in a cinema!! shrek 1 was cool!! but shrek 2 kinda sucked!! lets see !! if my frnds frrl its a good movie i might chk it out!!
  7. well i didnt really care about money!! until i have enuf money to enjoy the game i was happy!!! And ya i kinda liked the idea about bying anythng u want!! btw in SA i think there was some rumour about being able to construt ur own casino after completing the game!!!.....tht wud be a pretty good way to spend ur money!!
  8. i used to play drums until 2 year ago!! now im bust wid my studies and crap stuff!!
  9. well u cant see it clearly!! juss a red ball kinda thng on the ship!!!
  10. add the beats usin VDJ or traktor dj!!!.....not sure!! den also try it!!
  11. hahah!! hookers......wat wud gta be widout hookers!! btw the girlfrnds thng kinda sucked in SA but lets see wats new in gta4!!!
  12. Ohh ya!! srry !! he gets swallowed by tht kraken!! Good to know tht his gonna be back!!
  13. Donno about the copz!!!(mostly they are waiting to kick ur butt)...butt yaa i was thinking about the abulance !!! Also maybe if ur to bored to go out for lunch maybe u can order food at home too!!! And yaa!! this type of cellphone does fit in wid the idea of a laptop!!(uploading photos of rival gangs!!,or security systems and stuff to ur gang members!!)
  14. Im surely gonna watch it!!! The first movie waz SUPERB!!! The OKAY!!!.....watch it only thrice coz JAck sparrow dies in the end!!!! well gotta see the 3rd part!! hope he returns!!!
  15. Wat the fu*k is wrong with Jack T ???? Was he sexually abused wid some kind of voilent game wen he was a kid????
  16. EvoLuTioN

    80 GB PS3?

    I think u shud go for the Xbox 360 elite which is has a 120gb hdd Also it is comin in stores by end of april!! But if u wanna go in for a PS3 then thts pretty good too!!
  17. So as we all now we (Bellic) will have an usable cellphone on GTA IV. This is the decription the GI article has for it: "Bellic then pulls out his cellphone which has options for Phonebook, Messages, Organizer and Camera on it's LCD screen. He selects Phonebook, and he is then presented with another set of options: City Contact, Docks Friend, and Cab Contact. After a brief conversation he informs the reciever to meet him at the docks." Now here's a rundown on the features (the ones we know and some for speculation): Phonebook: This is obviously where we will have our contacts and maybe some civil services.(Police, Ambulance, Etc.) As the article implies it says that under phonebook there are these options: -City Contact Self-explanatory(Sp?), some friend or employer you have in the city. -Docks Contact Again, some friend or employer you have on the docks. -Cab Contact This one maybe Roman, because the article says he has a taxi depot or maybe an option to call a taxi for a ride. These are the other options: Messages: It's obvious this is where we will get some messages like: "Great job, head over to my office for your payment." or "There is this new guy who hasn't been paying his debts, pay him a little visit." and finally there's the last option: Organizer: Maybe here is where we will have objectives for the mission we are doing, or maybe it reminds you of people that you have already called that want to give you missions. Update #1: I forgot this option: Camera Guess, its a camera and we will be able to take pictures (no sh*t), maybe zoom on them, maybe even edit the picture like putting it on negative and putting it on black and white, another feature could be videos, nothing much like one or two minutes of video and you can save it and send it to your friends online. wat do u guyz have to say about this ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- this post was mad on gtaforums by xNewtype Acex.I take no credit for it
  18. Well i watched the trailor again !! and as fatal gamer has mentioned....its the ed sounding as Duh!! not THE
  19. well even though im not a MAN U fan !! i gotta say!! tht was an excellent match!!! BTW i waz at home watchin the match on TV
  20. Well ill have to wait till 2008 to play GTA4 on PC
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