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  1. Hey my man! :)

  2. Yea like the whole thing fell off. lol ^well, it should, if it was the alrm window (designed to break easily), but not a windscreen or door window. Well that's true buddy. Good point!
  3. Yea like the whole thing fell off. lol
  4. The guys over at GTAIV.net have up new information that was released in the May issue of Game Informer. Here's the juicy details: * The protagonist's name is Niko Bellic. (Likely to be Crotian in origin) * Multiplayer will be announced. * Contacts will be called from your cell phone. * There is only one city, so there are no planes. * Freedom is emphasized. You continue to take orders from mission givers, but you are not forced to spend your time in a certain way. You can go see who you want to, practically when you want to. * The story unfolds in a number of different ways. R* is giving people more freedom, more choice and more sense of control over their destiny - the structure of the storyline is quite different to previous games. * Game Informer playtested the Xbox 360 version. The article also has some gorgeous city pan shots and more closeups of Niko. Remember to pick up the May issue of GI for the entire article, and as always feel free to discuss this and all things GTA related in our forums.
  5. Your modding skills are great man. Why not?
  6. Heart of Glass- Blondie House of the Rising Sun- The Animals. I grew up to this song.
  7. This is me. I'm stocky, but very strong. Then I got a close up shot of me.
  8. I don't remember any of the characters handing porn to kids... Good point. I think maybe they should actually play the game before they start saying things like that.
  9. Childish? Indeed. Funny? I thought so. Ha ha, check this out folks.
  10. Just got done reading. Great work buddy!
  11. Cool buddy. I will check it out.
  12. Selling pornography to minors? What GTA game was this in?
  13. The chainsaw in this one really sucked.
  14. hey mate! Thanks man! I am happy to be here. I will stick around ;)

  15. Hey buddy! Thanks. lol. Yea I like it too.

  16. The NYPD use spotlights all the time in NYC. Same with LAPD. Especially in big cities. Police helicopters also have spotlights too, just like in the previous GTA's. They use these on their squad cars to catch criminals in dark alleys at night. These are really common in NYC so it all makes sense.
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