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    Yea man its worth it!!!
  2. hehe My dad was funny lol, we were at a party. People were shooting off baby sparklers.. I look at him and go you bring it? He goes, bud.. This party is about to lightup. lol He snuck in the back, lit it. And BOOM! My uncle thought it was a shotgun! lol!
  3. Yea I know what you mean man. I just had to add that word at the end. Sounds kinda cool.
  4. You did good MishoM Keep us informed. Or else... You're fired!! haha jk man
  5. Oh Urban man.. He had a M-100 Thats a half stick of Dynomite!!! Funny he's a cop too...
  6. I say put an AK-47 in a briefcase but what was I thinking?!? It wouldnt fit! In the second trailer I really think those bags and trunks come in handy Scare a crowd away when ya open it an arm yourself with a fully automattic AK-47 Kalashnikov
  7. 7.62mm


    I got most my bosses down buddy My strength is at its peak and my driving skills are high too everything is moderate im really working on Explosives
  8. Ye, that picture was seen ages ago to buddy.
  9. My dad set off an old M-80 he used to have Was to scare off the bears when he was young! The thing is like 10 years old! It was kinda a dud but it still rattled car windows
  10. 7.62mm


    Yea man Its sorta like Grand Theft Auto. Except you can throw vehicles and shit. Gta is better but this game is really cool
  11. 7.62mm


    Hey guys, I been playing this game for a while now. You should really get it. The CO-OP Is Incredibly fun! Just talk about Crackdown in here.
  12. Yes they do suck. hehe GTA IV Pwnz that.
  13. My grandma is taking me to chillies, and I pre ordered it Shes picking it up with me She watches me play Vice City!! lol! What do you guys have planned?
  14. More cop appearences = more realism
  15. lol noob talk. I remember when I was a noob....
  16. You're looking for some people.... We are all looking for that special someone... Heh who knows man Must be some dude.
  17. *Cody has landed spacecraft on this forum* PSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH PSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS *smoke comes out* 1 more thing? That pisses me off is people with attitudes. Who think they better than you. And say it to your face. *Gets in spacecraft* WHOOOOOOOOSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
  18. Must not be a popular band.. I did research and found nothing. I even looked on Frostwire EDIT- I mean I listened to the one yu posted but not the remix
  19. Ok so... I just realised. I live in america.. In Colorado. Mountain time. Now right now, my world clock on my phone says its like 4:01 Am in the morning in australia and its the 28th... Does this mean I will see the trailer today? Since somebody will probably post it from australia? I dont understand this time zone stuff. Please help. Ty
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