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    Oh yes, particularly delicious. Not to mention the nutritional value. ;)

  2. lyk, total roflage at sig. xp

  3. It's in my profile. >.<

  4. Nice photo, man. ;)

  5. I heard about this, it's everywhere. Suicide is always a damper. Especially when it's the second attempt.
  6. Augh, the circus midget man is coming!!?!
  7. Driving doesn't kill you, coming to a halt quickly does.
  8. V

    Scratch the last.

  9. After seeing that video I'm guessing he's either as gay as a handbag full of rainbows, or it's a terribly misguided attempt at humour. Now, I'm all for letting someone know you have a limit, but you can get into the same amount of trouble by hitting back. Just remember that, and consider if it's really worth getting suspended over, or whatever punishment kids get over there.
  10. It also means 'yes' in Japanese and 'no' in Xhosa.
  11. I'm network playing Flatout with a couple of friends. Heaps fun.
  12. Why change your name to arucard?

  13. V

    NFS ProStreet

    Disappointed. I got rid of it after two days. I think Most Wanted is still the best thus far, and Carbon is just MW with a face lift. However, my main beef about Prostreet is the free roaming. The idea of a sequel to a game is a new version that is better, faster and bigger. You then get the feeling that they downsized the game so that it could fit onto more below average computers, unlike a previous one like U2 that to this day is a pain in the neck to run at full blast visuals, which in turn does ravage the gameplay with lag if you don't have an above average system. So NFS has fallen into the same pit as games like Harry Potter. EA released it only to get rich quick with it costing as low as humanly possible.
  14. A: 5/10 Don't really get it, but it isn't ugly or anything. S: 7/10 Incomprehendable Asian writing + slight userbar whore = avarage. P: Haven't seen your posts much, but don't seem like an idiot.
  15. V

    Bravo, I mean rly.

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