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  1. sate

    School of Rock.

    Linkage! Please? I have no idea what movie you are talking about so please give us all some background information
  2. sate

    his dark matirieal

    Exactly don't keep it for your self.. Share
  3. sate

    Bigger Genius.

    Who the hell are they? Anyway I would go for Walt Disney
  4. sate

    Word Association

  5. sate

    Sig and Av Needed

    Are you serious? No offence, but it aint good Hmm I see you got another one or else I would have tryed
  6. sate

    The Rating System

    I have to words HELL YEAH
  7. sate

    Games Arcade!

    If it did work I'm sure i would love it
  8. sate

    How many Mp3's do you have?

    Ok. No problem. And thanks
  9. sate

    How many Mp3's do you have?

    I thought you guys wont believe me so I'll post a screen Now don't give me stars if you think this warez. Please just delete my post (Because all the others is also some warez whores )
  10. sate

    Music Genre

    Nu-Metal - All the way Rap - Depends on artist Heavy Rock - yeh
  11. sate

    List down your computer spects

    Pentium 4 2.0 Ghz 512 RD-ram (833mhz) G-force 4 TI-4600 60GB IBM harddisk + External Maxtor 120 GB harddisk Sony DVD burner Asus CD Burner Soundblaster Audigy 5.1 SS speakers
  12. sate

    AAAH! IM SEEING..... Squirrels?

    Erhm did you use more than 2 minutes on this? I cant see anything else than copy/paste
  13. sate


    I like, but you could have worked a bit more on the "gold" and maybe even add a bit more "gold" Or else its cool 8/10
  14. sate

    Happy Tree Friends

    Happy Tree Friends are the best Thats why I got all the episodes
  15. sate

    Word Association