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  1. wants to get into Hugh Jackman's pants.

  2. No problem, if you have any RE questions, feel free to ask :)

  3. lol, I never noticed this guy until today and I read his posts and saw how mentally challenged he is.

  4. He sounds like a tool and I will enjoy making him look stupid, which isn't hard.

  5. My God, you and Spaz are such a cute couple!

    So why didn't ya enter the hottest member contest? You're a hottie!

  6. Who the hell is this raybob and is he really retarded or just pretending?

  7. We're the best, Rainbow :)

  8. I was born in America. My dad is British and my grandparents are Ukrainian. I think I look more Ukrainian than anything, lol. My husband is Vietnamese.

  9. She gave me a neg rep over there, lol. Boo hoo.

  10. Oh yeah, don't worry, I don't care if you look at my profile, lol, I was just wondering because your name popped up a lot. I was hoping it wasn't one of those "I hate this girl" sort of things where I would get a bunch of crappy ratings dumped on me. I like my stars, lol. Glad to see you're not one of those kinds of chicks :P

  11. I love RainbowBear in a non-lesbian way <3

  12. Hey lady, what's up? I think I had too much ice cream sandwiches today...uggghhhh.

  13. I wish I was half asian. Mixed people always look awesome, lol.

    Sucks how people treated you. Society sucks. I'll bet they were just jealous that you had a unique look to you (not that I know what you look like but mixed people always look cool) ^_^

  14. LOL, great username XD

  15. I've been eating ice cream to keep me awake I don't know, maybe it's because it's Monday but my eyes are struggling to stay open.

  16. Half asian? Cool, my kids will be too, lol.

  17. Hey, are you mixed? You look like it in your profile pic ^_^

  18. Can I have a banana and a story?

  19. Quite good. Just whoring some forums at the moment, lol.

  20. You live very close to me. I can see Toronto out my window :)

  21. I like noodles <3

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