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    how do you change you're signiture to a pic
  2. thnk i'll stick with he health armor and $250,000
  3. why the hell does everyone trust the brady game guide ok i admit the walkthrought's are good but the guides on the cars are no afence !RUBBISH!
  4. i'll try the all golds thanks everybody for your help
  5. i was wondering if you were talking about the dune it looks like a glorified truck(lorry)
  6. if you use cheats you can not achive 100% Belive me i tried!
  7. Can your gangs seriously carry desert eagles
  8. c'mon you have to say GTA III and VICE CITY are not forgotten without them GTA SA would not have been made!!! but ok i still have to say yes to SA
  9. i don't know if there is a...oh sorry you have said that already
  10. Take it you got that from a cheat system
  11. is it true that there is a fbi truck in sa because loads of people say there is one but then loads of people say there isn't one. COULD ANYONE PLEASE TELL ME WHICH ONE'S TRUE
  12. if you want the nv/tv goggles their in a small/low tower
  13. to aemboy 15 did you mean the one i was talking about? p.s.if you were sorry i didn't notice it
  14. is it manhatan i'm sorry if i didn't spell it right
  15. you can get a samurai sword in the underground walkway in hashbury(by queens)By the way you will find the underground walkway in a alley
  16. just that you know you get a rhino(tank) and as spas said yes you do get a hydra at grove
  17. how did you know p.s that was the reply to kiku
  18. i think the game has gone kinda boring i'm not saying it's gone rubish i think it's kinda good really but it lacs the gameplay i've completed the game 100% 2 times now and i'm on the verge of doing it for the third time.But still i think it's .
  19. Sorry i mean the hunter from SA
  20. How come you can't mod the rancher you get from the cheat but you can still mod the rancher you find on the road!!!
  21. if you want to get a samurai sword type in the ninja mode cheat.
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