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Status Updates posted by Damjan

  1. did you read the PM i sent you?

  2. your status: DAAMN STRAIGHT.

  3. You're back, how you're doing?

  4. Haha, well sortof.This is the last day of me home.(sadly)

  5. Yeah school starts just after tomorrow, so i better get ready too.

  6. Awesome, got a new pc so im fine until the next 2-3 years xD.How are you doing?

  7. Happy Birthday !

  8. Happy birthday fag.

  9. Damjan

    Happy birthday, hope you enjoyed it.

  10. Are you NL or are you atm in NL?

  11. Msn if you can.Now.

  12. You can't hate Spaz, he's awesome.And yay for Sherman too.And Rem.

  13. Just awesome, i don't mind the restricted stuff though, it's like it doesn't even exist for me.

  14. Btw, am i on your favorite list by being a restricted member too?

  15. Heey my dickhead friend :P How are you?

    Just so you know, when someone posts on your profile page, you need to on theirs, not on yours, they'll think you're evading them or sumfin.lol.

  16. You always wanted to lock a topic didn't you :PPPP

  17. No prob, still trying to get out of the Restricted group, but it's not gonna happen.

  18. Happy birthday, hope you enjoyed it.

  19. And the legend returns.Welcome back :P

  20. that steam shit is totally wtf, how did that happen?

  21. Awesome photo :D

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