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Status Updates posted by Damjan

  1. This is my real name ,that's why i changed it.

  2. Also you know that Damjan is my name, not ashhat or w/ever :D

  3. TweetDeck is awesome.

  4. @ Samil: if you see it,smile.

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    2. Samil


      Well right now, SeeTheLight is on the bottom of the status updates list. :))

    3. Damjan


      what i was going for is: go for the black hole, smile, and wait for the flash.

    4. Samil


      Heh, I think I know what you're talking about.Haha!

  5. needs an COD Black Ops demo.now.

  6. Since when do we have emos on TGTAP's facebook group?

    1. JustADummy


      That was expected since the start I guess

    2. Chris


      Really? I thought it was just Arabs now... lol. (seriously wtf?)

  7. @ Dromeo: Because you haven't posted anything since the new groups have been made.Make a few posts(i don't know how much, i think 10

  8. @Chris: What windows phone?I have an HTC Touch2.

  9. finally the AC is fixed.

  10. Hey, where you been?

  11. I desperately need 100 euros.now.

    1. Samil


      You know what Sweet said: 'When Moms needed a surgery, I stole money for it'.Steal your money. :P

  12. just put the PC back on, after painting the walls in his room.

  13. just made the last kill in TDM with a predator :)

    1. Mpilk901


      I hate it when the game winning kill is from killstreaks, always boring.

    2. Damjan


      It's exciting when you kill the guy that has been knifing you all along on the map :)

  14. Happy birthday :)

  15. Hey.Haven't seen you around, rarely on msn though.Any new insane stuff you did?xD

  16. So you decided to visit us yet again.And yet again, as you can see im the only one online.

  17. since you need the Ace of Spades, i guess you're playing Mafia Wars?

  18. 3 years in a relationship...

    Time to get married :P

  19. Happy Birthday!

  20. Happy birthday :)

  21. Happy birthday :)

  22. Happy birthday fag :P

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