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Status Updates posted by Damjan

  1. Kinda it is, i got addicted to making birthday topics after the first 5 i made.

  2. Happy birthday.

  3. Hell yeah.

  4. meh, just commenting to break urbandecay's chain.

  5. Во Македонија, каде.

  6. happy bday man.

  7. there i rated u 5 stars, but still it made you have 4.

  8. happy birthday mate.

  9. hey. happy birthday man.

  10. quoting on what Gycu said. it's happy birthday, no?

  11. Hey, what's up?

  12. Happy birthday, teh ultimate ENB creator.

  13. Hey, how's it going?I was the guy who made you that b-day topic, hope you don't forget what you promised :P

    Anyways how you doin?

  14. you has awsum net, but doesn't top mine.

    Still, you're awsum :D

  15. Meh, got stuck in a street, a car crash happened/ftw.

  16. Hey, what's up?

  17. Why are you banned?

  18. u got an awesome unicorn there.

  19. awsum sig. :D

  20. Damjan

    welcome back man.

  21. WHAT A NUB.

  22. yeah...

    Happy birthday, love you.

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