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  1. Man, I wish I knew about this before I bought TL&TD, I don't have a lot of room on the small hard drive.):
  2. Fuck. I MISSED their show in Detroit last winter and it looks like they won't be coming here again anytime soon FFS.
  3. Connor, throughout the topic you've constantly been bashing Christianity, honestly this type of stuff shouldn't be allowed. Personally I really don't care if you're atheist, but when you go about calling the God Christians believe in a "cunt" and someone who absolutely cannot exist, people begin to get angry. You mentioned how someone tried to convert you to Christianity and you told them off, well what are you trying to accomplish here by making fun of Christians' beliefs and by constantly going on about how there is no way that their God exists? It seems to me like you're trying to convert those people to atheism yourself. Trying to get them to KNOW THE TRUTH, MAN! And Gerard, your first paragraph is exactly what I mean. This topic is meant to be a discussion on religion, not a place for you to make fun of others' beliefs. I'm really not pissed, my post was in general speaking about in real life, but I'm sure many people here are discouraged and don't want to come in here to discuss religion when there are guys like you in here calling their God a "cunt."
  4. Thanks :-) Good to know there are some Arctic Monkeys fans here!

  5. First, that was a very weakened Manchester United squad, without a doubt. They didn't start with Berbatov, Valencia, Ferdinand (right?), Vidic, or even Tosic (who, although he may not start, he could definitely come off the bench and bring some extra creativity and boost the attack). Nothing to worry about IMO. And besides, we all know Manchester United already have boughten their next midfield star, he goes by the name of Adem Ljajic! Without a doubt, the number one 17-year-old in the world. I wouldn't be surprised to see him feature in the Premier League when he comes in Jan., but I think his real Premier League career will start next season. Who knows though. ! As for Europa League, there were four teams in that from Serbia. Two got knocked out, and there are two left. My team, FK Partizan, tied their first leg 1-1 but were clearly the better team, they should do much better on the next leg as I predict the other guys will be playing some bunker-down football. I think with Adem Ljajic's dribbling, he'll get through once and it'll be enough to set up a goal. ! The other team, Crvena Zvezda Beograd, (Red Star Belgrade), former Champion's League champs, lost 0-3, but they always tend to play x10 better at home so I'm not saying their out yet.
  6. Atheists tend to piss me off. Not because they're not with any religion or anything though. What it is, is that they act like Christians constantly try to get people to convert or some shit, and then they do the exact same shit. I'm Serbian Orthodox and am Christian. Every time I say that some atheist has to go and ask me a million questions as to why I am what I am and has to annoy the hell out of me. Same shit happens in this topic, every time someone mentions they're (HOLY FUCK) NOT ATHEIST (SHIT CONNOR GET IN HERE AND TEACH THEM THE TRUTH!!!!!). Sure, those type of Christians are annoying, but from what I've seen, there are far more atheists who are worse.
  7. -people who wear all black/those Dickies jeans or whatever with a bunch of chains that're huge from stores like Hot Topic.
  8. -When you go to a fast food place and buy fries, yet they don't give you any ketchup and you're all "seriously man wtf" because now you're at home and you don't have any ketchup and its not really a big deal but you make it out to be because wtf they're not that good without ketchup and seriously as if they don't have any to give out because now you have to ask for it since they're such pricks that apparently it costs money to give out free ketchup. That's all, I live a very boring life.
  9. Scene when The Joker (Jack Nicholson) goes to the art gallery and starts dancing to Prince = my childhood.
  10. Hahah, an all time classic. I do love 'The kids aren't aright' by the Offspring though. Definitely in my top 20. Also like: Feeling this - Blink Buck Rogers - Feeder Stan - Eminem Snow - RHCP Don't Mug yourself - The streets High - Feeder Lazy Generation - F ups (Burnout 3 soundtrack) Lose yourself - Eminem Stay together for the kids - Blink But that's not in order, nor complete, by any means. Just wanted to mention, Eminem is originally from Detroit (I live in the metro) and my French/creative writing teacher knew/knows Eminem. They both used to work in the same pizza shop whilst she was going to college. Apparently he would come in high a lot. One of my mate's dad also knows him. The city of Detroit isn't all that far from where I live, probably like 15-25 minutes or so driving on the highway. Kinda cool. That being said, I also like both of those songs I bolded, especially Stan.
  11. Going to quickly sum up stuff from this topic. -City of God: one of my best friends LOVES this movie and has been telling me I NEED to watch it, was going to eventually but I might as well now. Seems like its pretty good, everyone here likes it, right? -Foreign Films: I had to watch a bunch of them in my French class. All of them were just OK or crap to be honest, except I really liked this one, it was in black and white and about these two women who were teachers and murdered the principle who I believe was also one of their husbands. Well in the end he wasn't dead and his wife (one of the teachers) dies, and the other runs off with him. It was a while ago, I don't remember the title, but it was good. -Pixar: I love all of their movies. My favorite was Ratatouille.
  12. Exactly what I think. I do think that Tevez will receive more time than Adebayor and Santa Cruz, though. Either way, they won't get very far with a bunch of forwards. Need a quality midfield and defense. I heard they'll be going after Vidic, but there's no way he'd leave United for City. They'll end up behind Arsenal if they don't fix that. What's everyone think of Owen getting the number seven shirt at Manchester Utd? Personally, I would have given it to one of the young guys, Macheda, Ljajic, etc. Anyone going to watch Man. Utd. vs Seoul tomorrow? I'm going to try and catch some of it after the U19 Euro, hope to see some more of Tosic. Would really like to see him take a couple free kicks, he's brilliant with dead balls.
  13. You have to remember it was an out-of-form Man. Utd., and even if they could have crushed them, they wouldn't have simply because that's fucking stupid. It's a friendly, I don't think the Malaysian people want to see their favorite team (Man. Utd.) crush their country's top 11 players. Its going to be a great season.
  14. I say Man. Utd. will win once again. They still have plenty of talent-- definitely enough to win the Premier League. They still have the best defense in the world (IMO), midfield isn't bad with the likes of Valencia, Nani, Carrick, Tosic, Park, and all the others. And they have great forwards as well in Rooney, Berbatov, Owen, Macheda (although he won't be playing a ton), and more. They have enough to retain the title once more, and go very far in Europe if not win. Just because they lost Ronaldo and Tevez doesn't mean they've become shit. Anyways, I predict Manchester United winning, Chelsea in second, Liverpool third, and then Man. City or Arsenal in fourth/fifth. Don't want to judge Manchester City just yet as they have a bunch of talent but I mean, it'll be interesting to see what they do considering how a lot of their new talent are just forwards. Remember this is what I think will happen at the moment as a lot will change during the transfer period. Would be very interesting/different if Chelsea gain Ibrahimovic or Man. City get Terry since they've been chasing after him for quite a while now.
  15. He would be 153 today I think. That's really not that long, I mean, we still use all the stuff he came up with.
  16. Huge fucking bump (I can do that, I'm a supermod so piss off). Today's Nikola Tesla's birthday and Google are celebrating that by changing their logo on their homepage. Good to see the man finally getting this sort of treatment. The pic: http://www.google.com
  17. And yeah, lol, Pantelic is one of our weaker players, he had a bad attitude at Hertha, I know him and the coach REALLY didn't get along. Totally fine on our national team though. We really shine in our youth- I think we might actually be able to be BETTER than our "golden generation" in the 60s. We've got so much depth in our defense and midfield in particular. Obradovic (DEF, 20- Atletico/Ajax), Subotic (DEF, 20- Dortmond), Rajkovic (DEF, 20- on loan from Chelsea @ Twente), Petkovic (DEF, 23- Frankfurt), not to mention Ivanovic from Chelsea or Vidic from Man. Utd. In midfield we have Kacar (MID, 22- Hertha Berlin), Ljajic (MID, 17- Man. Utd.), Djuricic (MID, 17- Heeenveen), Matic (MID, 20- Kosice, although linked with many in Prem League), Z. Tosic (MID, 22- Man. Utd.), Smiljanic (MID, 22- Espanyol). And for forwards we've got Djordjevic (FWD, 21- Nantes), Sulejmani (FWD, 20- Ajax), and Aleksic (FWD, 17- linked with Arsenal, Real Madrid and other top European clubs). Plus there are A LOT of others I'm obviously forgetting, and of course there are quite a few diaspora kids that won't be playing for Serbia. Such as Bojan Krkic from Barceonla, Marko Marin, etc. There's also this one 17-year old named Nikola Saric who may play for Serbia but may not, he's currently at Liverpool's youth.
  18. Serbian 20-year old defender Ivan Obradovic might go to either Ajax or Atheltico Madrid, for around 5-10 million euro. Meanwhile the extremely versatile Serbian midfielder Gojko Kacar may go to German champions Wolfsburg, or there's been a lot of talk of Man. Utd. picking him up too. There's also been some Italian interest, Juventus wants him as well I believe. Should go for around 10-12 million euro. 30-year old Marko Pantelic is bound to find a new club, most likely a decent English side or Italian side, while Nikola Zigic may also end up at a decent premier league team this summer. Arsenal and Real Madrid had a lot of interest in 17-year old Danijel Aleksic during the winter, and he'll most likely leave the Serbian Superliga this summer for a big European side as well. Serbian update. (:
  19. Yeah but their defense is shit. That's why Barcelona killed them 6-2 last season, and it doesn't seem like they're fixing it. Anyway, Man. Utd. signed Michael Owen witch seems kind of stupid but I suppose its not that bad if he comes off the bench. Which again brings up the question of another striker, there's been some talk of Zlatan Ibrahimovic but I mean, I don't think he'd be fast enough for the Premier League. :/
  20. I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor.
  21. CNN are now saying he's in a coma. Are they behind?
  22. CNN: "NEW: Paramedics revived Jackson before taking him to the hospital" In the story highlights by the title on the right of the page. I really hope he's not dead! :0! http://www.cnn.com/2009/SHOWBIZ/Music/06/2...kson/index.html
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