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  1. David Villa can't survive in the Premiership? Come on! That's got to be a joke! He's one of the leading goal scorers in La Liga, Spain NT's best striker and arguably one of the best forwards in the world, period. Chelsea, Manchester Utd., Manchester City, they all want him-- they wouldn't if they thought he couldn't handle it. I doubt he'll leave La Liga, though. Last I heard Valencia want something like 40+million AND a player on loan or something? I heard they wanted Bojan on loan and the money from Barca but they didn't want to loan out Bojan so that fell through. Personally I think Silva would be great.
  2. LOL Real Madrid broke the record in buying Kaka, then two days later broke the record they just set in buying Ronaldo-- $120 million (USD)! I also heard they're on the verge of getting David Villa from Valencia. Such a waste of money in my opinion (except for Villa, although I don't think he should go to Madrid anyway). So everyone, who do you guys think will replace Ronaldo at Old Trafford? Tevez is almost definitely going so I would count him out, and I'm pretty sure Ribery said he wouldn't be moving to England. So.. I hope they move Rooney around to his normal spot, where he plays for England National Team. Anyway, as long as Tosic gets some first team time I'm happy. Him, Vidic, and Ljajic all on one team is going to amazing. MUFC aka little Serbia National Team. !
  3. Would be really interesting to see Porto vs Villarreal in the semi final though, wouldn't it? Probably wouldn't happen though.
  4. Wow, Macheda scored again. I guess they'll never shut the hell up now, right?
  5. Wow, I totally forgot about this topic. @Gycu Brun X: You have to admit, Serbia vs Romania was a great game, though. Serbia was really dominating, the Romanian team can play much, much better than that. I heard you guys got rid of the coach now, though? Anyway, Serbia is now 23rd in the world, yet plays much, much better than that ranking. I think we deserve a spot in the top 20 for sure, possibly top 15 the way they've currently been playing. There are a number of Serbian talents going to get bought up soon: - Aleksic: currently in Serbia, possibly going to Arsenal or Real Madrid - Obradovic: currently in Serbia, possibly going to Barcalona - Krasic: currently in CSKA Moscow, possibly going to Real Madrid, Liverpool, or Bayern Munich - Jovanovic: currently in Belgium, possibly going to Barcelona There are a ton more but I really can't be bothered to type them all up.
  6. You just did and it's all Serbian if you ask me . Serbs in the south say it like that, in certain parts. It's all the same, that's how I know both. People act like there's some kind of difference, there really isn't.
  7. Sakam jedan dan da idem od Budva do Kotor i do Herceg Novi! What do the Serbs there think of the government/people calling themselves 'Montenegrins'? How is Budva? Ima mlogo Srbi?
  8. I come from Herceg Novi, i lived there 12 years. but im born in kotor herceh novi still owns its ass Btw if you read history book, it says that montenegrins were known as the best and purest serbs For sure, they were also the strongest Serbs, always fighting no one could control them! ! Today it's so stupid though .
  9. I am montenegrin by my orgin, but i currently live in serbia. montenegrian and serbian are ALL THE SAME, except something that is hard to explain here. and yea i know you didnt noticed me xD noone said your'e retarded. Yeah Chris, Montenegro and Serbia are basically the same, in fact in Montenegro they speak Serbian, and their religion is called Serbian Orthodox. Historically, their flag is nearly exactly the same as Serbia's and you can even see in some places Serbia's CCCC marking. Obviously the flag of the Serbian Orthodox Church is also hanged all around Montenegro as well. Many just say Montenegrin is just a type of Serbian- like a sub-group of Serbs. Beautiful place though, especially the Adriatic coast. Budva, Kotor, all lovely cities, I hope to one day visit that part.
  10. could you imagine how big on country called "slavia" would be. FUCKING MASSIVE.
  11. Yay another Serb. Zdravo GeOrGe_DrIfTeR! I think someone mentioned it, but is Serbian and etc. the only language that is phonetical? There's got to be another one...? If it is the only one, damn I didn't even know that. lol @ vasco.
  12. ZDRAVO! Kako svi? I love Serbian, it's so easy to learn. If you don't know how to spell a word (I suck at spelling) just write it how it sounds, and you'll end up pretty close. Also, Russian is kind of similar to Serbian, we share a few words, etc. We both also use the Cyrillic alphabet, although in Serbia they use Latin as well. Srbija / Србија.
  13. haha the slap chop commercial is even funnier!
  14. A commercial for the next hand-held GTA is now airing in the U.S. The Chinatown Wars commercial is a mix of artwork with some actual in-game footage, and highlights the protagonist’s view on what is “the key to building an empire.” The ad also takes note of GameStop’s pre-order deal, which lets you start the game with $10,000 and allows you immediate access to Ammunition. Chinatown Wars will be released on March 17th, 2009, in the U.S. and on the 20th in the U.K. exclusively on the Nintendo DS. Watch the ad below:
  15. Both Buckethead and Ron Thal are on Chinese Democracy.
  16. @Thomas: Dude, you didn't know you had to say "tu" at the end? I dunno, the first thing I was taught was the whole Je/Tu/Il/Elle/Nous/Vous/Ils/Elles and how to conjugate a verb accordingly (well actually the conjugating I didn't do right away).
  17. yep, go right ahead mate. it's MrdiggLive

    i normally only play fifa 09, and usually that's private matches and stuff, but go ahead. :)

  18. sure mate, it's MrdiggLive

    i don't play much, pretty much all i play is fifa 09 to be honest.

  19. se rodi! lmaoo been saying that all day! !!!
  20. Merry Christmas everyone from your Orthodox friends! SRECHAN BOZIC!!!!! !
  21. Yeah, I hate it, it scares the crap outta me. Odd dream BTW.
  22. Totally off topic, but I just thought of it when you mentioned how you woke up shaking. Does anyone ever get that feeling, right as you're about to fall asleep, almost as if you're falling, or are going to fall off your bed? And then you just open your eyes all afraid and like grab on to the bed or something?
  23. GTA dunno Most Knowledgeable (GTA3): Most Knowledgeable (GTAVC): Most Knowledgeable (GTASA): Most Knowledgeable (GTALCS): Most Knowledgeable (GTAVCS): Most Knowledgeable (GTAIV): Best Stunter (Vice City): Best Stunter (San Andreas): Member Most Respected Member: vasco. Most Respected Mod/Super Mod: Gerard Most Helpful Member: Gerard Most Improved Member: Most Intelligent Member: Gerard Best New Member: Funniest Member: Sherman Most Original Username: Biggest Geek: chris82 Most Random Member: Best Personality: vascoooo Graphics, Creativity, Skills etc. Best Avatar:vasco Best Signature: Sherman ("ROUGH JUSTICE.") Best Graphics maker: MrLlamaLlama (the one that just says "Llama") Best Animator: Best Writing/Story (creativity forum): Best Quality Posts: Gerard Best Written English: Chris Best "About Me" page: Best Debater: chris82/Gerard (can't pick / they're probably both nominated anyway) Prestige Member of the Year: Topic of the Year: staff lounge ;D Lolz (fun stuff) Person Least Likely to Get Laid: Chris! Best Breasts: Coincidentally, Chris. Will fill the rest in if I get the chance, if not, that'll do I suppose.
  24. Yeah but I highly doubt we'd invade Iraq just because they "might" have weapons. Why? Simply because many countries "might" have weapons, most of which are probably much more dangerous than Iraq. However I've also heard numerous times that certain people in the Bush administration also have their own private oil companies, would benefit them much to just steal it instead of pay for it, now wouldn't it?
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