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  1. Wrong. Yugoslavia started to collapse because the country was divided instead of united. During World War II, there were two Serb resistance groups, the Partizans and Tito (communists), and the Chetniks and Draza Mihailovic (democracy), everyone was supporting Mihailovic, until for some reason they started supporting the communists, yes, even America and Great Britain did. What did Tito do? Well he divided up Yugoslavia even more, and in doing so, he ended up making Serbia an extremely small country. Map of Serbia in 1918: Map of Serbia in the SFR Yugoslavia (1945-1992): The state was meant to fall apart, that's obvious. (Maps are taken from Wikipedia) Now on to the Bosnian war, the Bosnian Serbs were winning up until America intervened, so don't go on with your "we won with are own cold hands," as it's simply not true. And even then so, did you win? Nope, as far as I can see, there IS STILL a Serbian Republic known as the Republika Srpska in Bosnia, and Bosnia can't do anything without their approval. If they don't want in the EU, Bosnia can't go, etc. Serbs control half of Bosnia (or was it just a little over half?), oh, and I'm sure Bosnia doesn't like that fact that they threaten with succession on a routine basis. Oh, but of course, if they were to succeed, you guys would probably start a war, and then somehow blame it on the Serbs, but hey, no one can start a war if someone is trying to succeed from Serbia. Double standards for the Serbs are fun! ---- ANYWAYS, like I said, I'd rather not talk about that type of stuff and would rather talk about us all liking each other. I was actually just reading this arcticle about Serbia and Bosnia as partners. Which they should be I think. EDIT: On a side note, check it out, Belgrade, Serbia, will host an ATP event this May! The Djokovic family is in charge, which is awesome. It'll be a 250 ATP tournament: You can read about it at Novak Djokovic's site or at the official ATP website! !
  2. Well, first off, I'll put aside the fact that it's AGAINST INTERNATIONAL LAW, but perhaps because those same people who want Kosovo independent also would like the western part of your country? Secondly, maybe because Macedonia is an Orthodox country, and should support its Orthodox friends. Thirdly because Macedonia used to be apart of Serbia for an extremely long time, and many "Macedonians" used to call themselves "Serbs." Shall I keep going? I dunno, maybe Serbia should go back and call it "The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia" instead of the, "Republic of Macedonia." Only fair if you guys don't support us, why should we support you, eh?
  3. We didn't go in there for oil! If we had, gas prices wouldn't have more than tripled before the recession! We genuinely thought there were dangerous weapons there. Besides, even if Iraq didn't supply us with oil, we still get it from other OPEC nations...Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, etc... You see you've got it a bit wrong. Supplies were bad, so they went up, right? Well, I'm quite sure it's a fact that supplies were just fine, yet the companies opted to keep the prices up in the $3s, why? Simply because Americans would pay. Then eventually they had to lower it. I constantly hear this, will have to find a link. I remember when I attended this thing for journalism here in Michigan, at Michigan State University, the speaker was a professor. He claimed that they only dropped the prices due to the overall bad economy, in that once it got better, the prices would surely rise back, as everyone would pay it. Makes a lot of sense from a business point, if they'll pay that when there are short supplies, well, they'll continue to pay it when there's a lot of it too! But you see, if you're stealing the oil, it's much cheaper than say, PAYING the nations for it. And if they aren't stealing the oil there, then they must be getting one hell of a deal on it. @Thomas: Well you have to realize Russia, England, China, and a few others have A LOT of power in the UN as well. All of them have veto power in the Security Council, i.e. if one of them don't like something, it won't go through. But you could be right.
  4. Lol what happened that stopped them from being friends? Both Montenegro and Macedonia recognized the independence of Kosovo. Montenegro is an odd situation as their president seems to be very anti-Serbia, yet Serbs make up nearly half or more of the population (you'd think they for sure wouldn't, just like Bosnia). @Thomas: Most of the Balkan countries will join the EU. Greece is already in, I believe Macedonia has a candidate status, Serbia plans to submit its application in the first half of 2009 (say reports from today), Croatia will join in the next couple years and is already almost there, Montenegro sent in its application a few weeks ago (despite the French presidency's opposition), etc. Serbia really is such a nice place to visit. Belgrade really can be a European capital, there's so much to see, do, etc. On top of that, Serbia's second biggest city, Novi Sad, hosts one of Europe's best music festivals, the EXIT festival. Also, no one's at war. I dunno where you heard that... But I agree, I doubt they'll be like reunited, but I mean, I dunno, eventually all the Serbs will want to be together in one country (like how now there's that Serb republic in Bosnia, or how half+ of Montenegro's small population is Serbian) I would think? :/ What would be badass would be if like, for a Euro or a World Cup competition if they hosted it in the former Yugoslavia. Stuff like that would be epic, since most of the countries are small, they could all get something in their biggest city, plus it would advertise peace in the region, etc. Would be great IMO, as I doubt any of the countries would be ready to host an entire tournament by themselves (although Belgrade did want to host one of the Olympics...).
  5. Ah yes, America went in there to save the people. Really? You guys do realize their are governments in other countries killing their people, yes? Iraq is just special, Iraq has oil, oil which America wants/needs. Now am I saying something shouldn't of been done, no, not at all. However America isn't the police, I say the UN should have gone in and gotten things up, restored peace, and then left (while helping to rebuild, oh and yeah, not staying in there for years, similar to what Russia did in Georgia).
  6. He calls Niko a "serf" I guess because that's what you call villagers and etc. in Russia, (or at least, that's what they used to do way back). @macorules: Croatia, Serbia, and Bosnia... the same people? Croatia is entirely Catholic, Serbia is entirely Orthodox, and Bosnia is half and half, half Muslim, half Serbian Orthodox. If any countries were to merge, it'd be Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia, as those countries were all basically together for years until recently, speak the same language, are mainly the same religion (Orthodox), and etc. Plus, those countries were friends until as recent as earlier this year. :/ BTW, when I go to Serbia next year I think I might end up stopping by Skopje as well, might be interesting. Anyway, yeah, he's definitely of Serbian decent. And also, please don't begin talking about the Yugoslav wars and who died more etc., as every single person from each different country would have a different view point and everyone would just get pissed off at each other.
  7. Lets go drinking together cousin!

  8. Lucky you guys, I've got to wait until the 7th. :/ But no school for me on the 6th/7th. !
  9. Hey Ivan, if there's anyway you could type up that skill book (if it's very long, nevermind, I'll get the game soon enough anyways), could you? Don't if it's very long! I was playing BioShock the other day and one of the plasmids for electricity says something along the lines of "turn yourself into a human Tesla coil!" I laughed !
  10. You see that's especially sad, when they teach about GREAT INVENTORS and leave him out. What he did for us is un-matched, and with time he'll be taught about in every history book in public schools I bet (and hope).
  11. he's not from macedonia there are no serbs from macedonia Macedonians are not serbians though their last names always ended with ski even before macedonia got parted so they are not serbians they are straight descents from the ancient macedonians and its been DNA tested and proved and just coz macedonia once was a part of serbia.... once..the whole greece...exept sparta was macedonia ....but we dont get all that land dont we so its not fair macedonia is all ruined now. Atleast serbia is still full and a country Right now Macedonia is part of Greece, Bulgaria, serbia, albania...and the republic of macedonia lets just end it here Ummm... what? I DO know Serbs from Macedonia... And I DO know of people's names being changed, like, extremely close family friends... How is Serbia still a "full country"? If you can argue that part of Macedonia is now in other countries, I can argue that part of Serbia is now in under countries. Anyway, no more of this conversation in this topic. Only through PMs. Back to Tesla!!
  12. Well, that's the way a Serb would think, I suppose Macedonians would think differently. Perhaps he's a Serb from Macedonia, as when Macedonia was formed in the 1900s many Serbs were in a way screwed over, I hope you know. They were forced to change their last names from -ic to a Macedonian -ski, etc. You also have to realize that Macedonia WAS apart of Serbia for a long time. Even your capital, Skopje, was at one point in time the capital of Serbia. So you have to take into account that people will say that Macedonia should be apart of Serbia, etc. I won't bother touching on about the language and what not, as I really don't feel like arguing. ---- Enough on that, back to Tesla. I have an extremely interesting documentary the History Channel did on him. It was a Modern Marvels episode titled "Mad Electricity," you can buy it from the History Channel's website, or I'm sure it'll (eventually) be on TV once again, although they rarely show it. :/ Also, yay! Dark Lord, you had to study Tesla? That's awesome, another reason I like India! Good to hear hes getting taught about in other parts of the world Also awesome to hear you learned about him too, WRX22B1998.
  13. It's un-fair that you say Serbia is bad for being nationalistic. Just look at your signature... Why can I not talk about great Serbs on a forum without me and my country being called nationalists and nationalistic? There would be absolutely no problem if someone made a post about some great Englishmen, so why can't I talk about the Serbs? People like you give Macedonians a bad name, my best friend happens to be from Macedonia, we never get into arguments about this type of stuff and seem to support each other (as we our after all, the same religion, etc.). Serbia was great too, and it was big. Firstly, Kosovo, taking over our country? You're extremely misinformed. Kosovo is trying to break away from Serbia, an act most countries believe is against international law, and thus, by most countries Kosovo is still considered part of Serbia. Oh and guess what, the same people who want Kosovo today, want some of western Macedonia too! So in a couple years, you'll be eating your words. Please be quiet about Macedonia being screwed over by Serbia, because guess what, we were screwed over a bunch of fucking times too. I'm not even going to begin arguing about this, because our arguments will be completely different (and our views on the history of the two countries). And somehow we manage.... And yes, Serbia did start World War 1. And guess what, who won? Serbia and its allies. Guess what else? Serbia was on the GOOD side again in World War 2, when everyone around us were allies with Hitler, and again, Serbia and it's allies prevailed. Croatia? The best country in the Balkans? Why's that? Ah yes, maybe it's because Croatia is the country that has done so much genocide to the Serbs! In WW2, nearly 1/11 of the people killed in the Holocaust were Serbs (nearly one million), and it continues to this day! ----- You wouldn't have computers today because guess what, his patents are IN YOUR COMPUTERS, and IN YOUR CONSOLES! How would your computer work without electricity? How would your Xbox work without a controller? How would your HDTV work with a remote? Most things have a motor as well, which he also invented. Everything that uses electricity roots back to Tesla, as he came up with it, and it's a damn shame he isn't well known for it too. NO MORE OFF TOPIC. Through PMs only will that stuff above be talked about.
  14. It really is sad how so many people haven't heard of him, but people are beginning to hear of his work/accomplishments. Through the internet, movies like The Prestige, etc. people are finally learning of the genius Nikola Tesla was and what he did for humanity. People like him, who weren't greedy and weren't in it for the money should be idolized by everyone if you ask me. Off the top of my head, I can't think of anyone who has done this much for EVERYONE. He really should go down in history as one of the smartest men (if not the smartest) of all time. His contributions are unmatched.
  15. @macorules94: Not all Serbian last names end in -ic. Tesla wasn't born in Serbia, I don't even think there was a Serbia at the moment when Tesla was born due to them being taken over and such. However Tesla was born to Serbian parents, and his religion was Serbian Orthodox (his father was a Serbian Orthodox priest). It was Tesla's wishes to have his ashes and his work all transferred to Belgrade, Serbia (where they are now on display at the Nikola Tesla National Museum). @Chris: :/ They really need to teach about this man. @Gerard: Bringing him up because not a lot of people know about this man and should. The reason I know so much of him is because I'm a Serb and he's like a God there, but I think everyone should know about his contributions and what he's done for all of us.
  16. @ Chris/Dirty Harry: Yeah I heard the Prestige is a great movie, my brother's got it on Blu-ray, I've seen parts of it and it looks great. David Bowie plays Tesla too! @ Harwood Butcher: With stuff like inventions it's really easy. Tesla holds all the patents, he has a book he wrote titled "My Inventions," and of course other people have said so as well, like one of his friends, Mark Twain (who I believe was in Tesla's lab a few times). Einstien didn't come up with everything on his own, his wife, (forgot her first name) Maric, who also happens to be Serbian (heh heh heh) was a mathematics professor I believe? I've heard plenty of stories of her teaching him everything he knew, and then him taking all the credit. Similar to how people have tried to steal Tesla's inventions, I think there are a few people who tried to take the radio invention, but Tesla holds the patent as HE CAME UP WITH IT. It's so sad that frauds like Edison get taught at in school and people like Tesla are often forgotten. He's not in Serbia that's for sure, as he has always been on our money, taught about at our schools, etc. Not sure if anyone's heard of this, but supposedly Tesla came up with a car in the early half of the 1900s that could run solely on electricity, no gas required. I wouldn't be surprised if he did, electricity is pretty much his idea. If anyone's interested even more, look up with "War of Currents" which was basically the battle between Tesla and Edison, Tesla supported AC electricity (which is better, and what we use today) and Edison supported DC electricity (which is inferior, you would need a huge generator every so often, short distances, etc.). Tesla simply wanted things better for everyone, whilst Edison wanted to make money, and thus Edison invented things like the electric chair and would kill animals claiming "this is what AC electricity can do," saying it isn't safe and what not (yeah, right). Tesla lite up a city with the power he harnessed from Niagara Falls, and people realized how much greater AC was and dumped DC. Really interesting stuff. Edit, some interesting quotes: After the "War of Currents," Westinghouse (who funded Tesla) has next to no money, if he had payed Tesla, Tesla would have been a millionaire and Westinghouse would have gone bankrupt. Tesla ripped up his royalties contract: "Money does not represent such a value as men have placed upon it. All my money has been invested into experiments with which I have made new discoveries enabling mankind to have a little easier life." - Nikola Tesla Over a century ago, Nikola Tesla was already thinking about the gas issue we have today. He basically came up with the idea of "green." Today, your energy-efficient fluorescent bulbs still use Tesla's principle: "If we use fuel to get our power, we are living on our capital and exhausting it rapidly. This method is barbarous and wantonly wasteful and will have to be stopped in the interest of coming generations." - Nikola Tesla
  17. Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) was a Serbian inventor and is pretty much the reason you can view TGTAP today. Oddly enough, no one knows of the Serb or his contributions to humanity-- which are unmatched to this day. Tesla invented AC electricity, wireless electricity, the remote control, cellular technology, the radio, the electric motor, the generator (basically motor), X-rays, neon lighting, the Tesla coil (transformer), basic radar and laser technology, robotics, and "Star Wars tactical warfare." Tesla wasn't in it for the money, Tesla was someone who wanted electricity to be free for all, but in capitalist America, he of course couldn't get that and was considered "a threat to the world energy economy." The Serb was screwed over by the likes of Thomas Edison, who's company was going to go bankrupt, so he made promises to Tesla, Tesla improved everything, and he then fired him saying he doesn't "understand how American business men work." So who's heard of Tesla? I've been meaning to make this topic to talk about his contributions and inform people of what he did but never got around to it. A nice video can be found here about him as well. He was also played by David Bowie in the movie the Prestige. Let's talk about Tesla!
  18. Bump. Looks like Man. United are ready to sign both Zoran Tosic (21) and Adem Ljajic (17), from Serbian club Partizan FK. Tosic is such a great player, I've seen the guy score from like 40 out and it was the sickest shot ever, I've seen some of his free kicks as well, and they're ridiculous. Ljajic is a younger guy, only 17, but is already being called "Little Kaka" in Serbia, and it's said he'll end up one of Europe's superstars. That'll make the Serbs on United count to 3: Vidic, Tosic, and Ljajic! Sucks, my favorite team is Partizan and I hate to see our best talent being boughten. :/ Yugoslavia used to have a rule not allowing players to leave the country until they're 28, which was GOOD. Notice how Partizan used to be great, and Red Star Belgrade even won Champions League in '91. Oh well though, I'll get to see more of them if they play for United. I can't wait, in a few years Ljajic will be 20-ish and be on the regular Serbia national team, along with Vidic, Ivanovic (from Chelsea), Tosic, a few other guys we have scattered around Europe and our other great young players that make up our fantastic U-21 team! Who saw Serbia 6 - 1 Bulgaria last week?! !!
  19. Everyone I've talked to thinks DM is awesome, and CD sucks. And haha, one sec. Of course everyone you've talked to thinks Metallica is good and GN'R sucks, but guess what, everyone I've talked to thinks exactly the opposite! Don't come into this topic trying to begin some sort of argument. If you have something valuable to contribute to the topic other than "CD SUX," then please go ahead and post it, if not, just stop now. Back on topic, has anyone checked out the artwork in the booklet (for those of you who have it)? I really love how they cut out the band members from live shows and pasted them on top of Chinese symbols/buildings, it just looks really nicely done and awesome.
  20. There's no denying what Slash did, I'm just saying, they still are a great band with and without him. And Death Magnetic can't touch this if you ask me, Death Magnetic wasn't that great at all to be honest. Plus I've never really liked Metallica, very boring band if you ask me tbh. But enough about them, who hear besides me and the Bossman have actually heard it? What do you think?
  21. Yeah the Cure is "What 'emo' music should have been if it wasn't for a bunch of talentless twats."
  22. Slash didn't exactly make the band to be honest, he barely wrote any of the songs, and the ones he did he was only a contributor. He helped write around 10 Guns N' Roses songs... That's not a lot. The main guys were Axl Rose and Izzy Stradlin, if you ask me, it's not the same group without Izzy, not Slash. He did (I guess) write the guitar parts, but everyone is credited for those. Regardless, you shouldn't be judging the album on the group, but on the material itself. That's the mistake everyone is making. LISTEN to the album for the ALBUM, not the band. If it was the original band and they put it out it would get a 10/10. That's bull shit.
  23. People who say it "blew" are people who haven't heard it or people who judge the group and not the music, if I were to tell a bunch of people it was the original band they would all love it. And your die-hard GN'R fan is weird. Every single big fan I've talked to have all loved it and have been waiting for it for years.
  24. Soooooooooo good. Tracks 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 12, 13 are EXTREMELY good, the others are really good too. I suggest getting it, it's only like what, $11 (exclusive to Best Buy on hard copy).
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