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  1. Yup they're so awesome.

  2. Of course it'll come out on Blu-ray, all of Warner Brothers new DVDs are also released on the same day in Blu-ray. Should be around December, long wait.
  3. The Joker looked scary? Didn't you see Harvey Dent/Two Face? The Joker looked much more frightening because he at least looked real, and insane. Two Face looked like some Terminator rip-off. You’re supposed to enjoy the movie, not analyze it. Errm, when did I say I didn't enjoy the movie? My favorite of the year so far.
  4. The Joker looked scary? Didn't you see Harvey Dent/Two Face? The Joker looked much more frightening because he at least looked real, and insane. Two Face looked like some Terminator rip-off.
  5. How about we also get a line of sweat pants while we're at it. They can say "Property of Chris" on the ass. Agree? [y/n]
  6. +1 Absoutely no reason to act like that, he hasn't even been here for a full week. No need to take the piss out of him.
  7. MishoM

    E3 2008

    Come on Sony, time to show us what Team Ico has been doing since Shadow of the Collossus, amirite?!
  8. MishoM

    f u microsoft

    I'd buy an elite, but I mean, aren't they the same thing? Same chance of breaking? What sucks is that I'll now have to deal with customer service (I think they have to check to see if it's broken, argh), and on top of that I really only have about two more weeks of vacation left. Beginning August, football (soccerlol) season starts, which is stupid since actual school doesn't start until about September. And doesn't it take about two or so weeks to get it back? :/ so really no moar xboxs 4 meshow dis sumar. ): lol
  9. MishoM

    f u microsoft

    It's not that I really can't wait two weeks to get it fixed or anything, I mean, I barely play the thing to be honest. It's just I don't want to fucking talk to customer support, send it, etc. etc. Ugh. This is the SECOND time I might say again. I'll be on my third Xbox 360. We've got a PS3 too, it's much better. Haven't had a freezing problem once. I just got Batman Begins on Blu-ray so win. (: And now time for something completely different and happier:
  10. MishoM

    f u microsoft

    Fuck You Microsoft: Second time this has happened. It happened to my friend 10 minutes after it happened to me too, fuck off Microsoft.
  11. Yup, congrats to Spain. Can't wait until the World Cup.
  12. Only about a half hour or so away until they start! I'm going for Germany!
  13. "Fluorescent Adolescent" - Arctic Monkeys
  14. 1. Imageshack 2. It's fast and I can upload something quick to show to someone. 3. Everything 4. It has a lot of ads, which I hate. For example, when I upload a picture, right away a new tab opens with some advertisement. argh. 5. Yes Chris, to improve it, it'd be nice if you had a section where anyone could just upload pictures quick. Also, an option to copy the direct link to the pic without having to actually highlight all of it, etc. would be good. Like a button that says "copy" or some shit. Just to make it faster so I can get the pic to my friends before the joke has taken me 8 hours to complete.
  15. Mine is pretty neat and in order, I like it being simple as well.
  16. Heh, I'd actually like to know as well. Anyway, so Spain beat Russia 3-0. I didn't get to watch any of it, but I heard Russia played disappointing. As in, they kinda just went to total shit/gave up/lost hope after Spain's first goal or something? I'm sure it'll be on again later, I'll watch it then. Good job Spain. So it's Germany v. Spain. I honestly couldn't care less for who wins now, although I like Torres, I guess I'll favor Germany since I really, really like Schweinsteiger. I've also always liked their coach, Joachim Löw (plus me and my brother constantly make jokes about how Germany should just demolish every team and be pissed off while doing it, etc. ). Still kinda pissed about Russia losing, oh well, go Germany I suppose. :/
  17. Did anyone else have troubles watching the match? Apparently there was lightning around where they were playing and it kept cutting the international feed or something? (That's what the commentators were saying.) Did anyone else miss the two goals (one from each side) in the late second half of the game? Well I did due to that, and Germany scored to make it 2-1 and nobody on ESPN had a clue what was happening, then Turkey scored again to make it 2-2 and no one again had an idea what was happening, then it came back on and I saw Germany's final goal to make it 3-2. Awesome game, good effort by Turkey at the end. :/
  18. You see, I see it a different way. I think the four best teams in Europe right now are Germany, Turkey, Russia, and Spain. If you were better than those teams, you'd be in instead of them. And I thought it was so weird that those two WC finalists played so shitty, I was expecting them to dominate and advance easily. :/ Good luck to your friend.
  19. @Jace: I thought Russia played pretty good then. Sure, they started bad in their first game but then I think they got the job done with Greece, and then with Sweden as well (who was also heavily favored, right?). And yeah, I saw all of both Russia's and the Netherlands' group matches. I actually thought Russia had the tougher group too, both Italy and France played like total shit IMO (which is funny because at first glance the Dutch's group seemed like it'd be ridiculously tough to advance in). But you said it yourself, when it mattered Holland failed. It's a shame too, wasn't this the last major tournament Van Der Sar was going to play in or something? @Red Devil: One good performance? I thought the way they played against Sweden (they won, 2-0) was great. One thing I just don't understand is, if Russia isn't that great of a team, why are they in the final four? I agree though, I think Holland did peak too early in the tournament. To be honest, I think we'd all agree, Holland played like shit when it really mattered. I don't think anyone of us would disagree, Russia played better and after that match they clearly deserved to win. --- I don't really care for the Turkey v. Germany game, but damn the Spain v. Russia game is going to be extremely awesome IMO.
  20. Russia is the better team, that's why they won, as simple as that. If the Netherlands were the better team, they would've known their same old tactics wouldn't work, and they would've not gotten their asses handed to them in extra time. If Russia didn't play "great at all" then I wonder what you think about the way the Netherlands played. Because if the Russians played bad, then I'm assuming you must think the Dutch played like utter shit, right? They couldn't even walk in extra time! Meanwhile the Russian players seemed like they just started playing. Here's to hoping Russia gets to the finals because after their performance against the Netherlands, I really think they deserve to be there! ---- Also, did anyone catch Spain and Italy? I thought it was pretty boring up until the penalty kicks (which were quite exciting for me at least).
  21. Currently listening to "I Bet You Look Good On The Dance Floor" by the Arctic Monkeys. That just ended however and "The Age Of The Understatement" by The Last Shadow Puppets came on. I think I like every single song Alex Turner has made.
  22. Rofl, I love how when big teams get beat it's always "they just messed up". They got beat, and not just beat, but destroyed. The Russians were playing the entire game like they just started, the Dutch players couldn't even walk by the second extra time. They deserve their semi-final spot. Anyway, who do you guys think will win the next games? Germany v. Turkey: Germany Russia v. Spain: Russia and then, Germany v. Russia (in the final) and Russia wins it all.
  23. Looks like those ex-commies were the ones who did the owning! Wow. They completely wiped the floor with Holland. Destroyed them. Everyone related to me is rooting for Russia (since Serbia isn't in, Russia is like the closest thing we have ) so I'm so happy! I didn't even get to see the extra time (saw a million replays though), I was at someone's party, and then my friend looked up the scores on his phone and I was like just like !
  24. I hope they destroy Holland. Russia is easily my favorite team in the tournament! Come on Russia!
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