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  1. sadly there is no function like that in vc. The game just creates the car randomly but in SA you can change that in the tuning shops
  2. I played this mod but i got it off a CD i bought like in Ukraine or sumthin but i saved in this little guardhouse right by the main enterance to the studio. Check there
  3. The only way to increase maximum velocity (speed) and acceleration of a certain vehicle is to change the Handling lines. What the simplest thing would be, would be to download a CarEd for VC. Using this programm you can increase the speed and basically change anything about the car. You can also edit the steering or weight or wheel scale and a bunch of other stuff. Check it out
  4. ye im working on multiple cars now.
  5. By the way i havent gone onto this topic for long but its not dead. Im trying to figure out the cars and gangs and skins and all these extra things. I havent done any mapping in a while but i will resume soon. And i finished off new areas.
  6. < That one and Please help me.. Thanks Yo go onto www.google.com/translate and choose French - English if this is french at all but seems alot like it
  7. Its so simple but yet so hard for me. All i need is to put a supercharger motor onto this model. Im planning to make a Tarkers Sabre and all i gotta do is put a motor from a diablo stallion which i have a dff of onto the model of the sabreturbo and i can retexture it. ITS THAT SIMPLE BUT I CANT DO IT! PLEASE HELP ME OUT!! its going to be a gang car i gues Please if you know how to model on 3DS Max, help me.
  8. so like want a car comletely in like blood and stuff? like a maniacs car?
  9. Lol u were installing cars without the wheel mod thingie?
  10. There is no. He was askin if its possible to install VC mods on NFS through IMG Tool
  11. Im soon puttin up the Virgo... But i like the Hermes more kinda...
  12. I think a good idea would be to make a Tarkers Sabre for the mod... What do u think?
  13. how do i skin it. the interior of the car is also white. -.- Thx MrLlamaLlama but wooh... i have a huge problem with modeling the DFF files on Zmod and mapping on the textures propperly. That is why im still looking for help to make my sabres work ingame but i can change the textures of cars that already exist and are textured in vice city because its very simple. What i think your problem is Elite Charity, is that the textures are not assigned to the dff model on whatever tool you used to texture it. Because before the textures can show ingame they must be assigned to the dff model itself and i asume you have used 3dsmax for this because it looks so well done and i have no clue on how to apply textures on that program. On Zmod you just use material editor but because my dff is crap the model doesnt work ingame yet and im looking for help... But i advise you to try and apply the textures to the model and then map them out. I cant even map my textures out propperly on my own models lol so you should look at like a tutorial on texturing. Its not simple if you dont know how to do it! applies to me as well! Hope it helps you out somehow
  14. Did u create that yourself Elite Charity or did you download it cuz it makes a huge difference
  15. Yea like the car in San Andreas. I thought of doin that too but i only did the boot of the virgo. I need another car i could trash up... I tried perenial... But its not a classic old car and somebody did the walton already...maybe like the oceanic or glandale... but not too many old cars for this mod im making because its based on 1994 actaully and cars should be nice and thats why im usin gta 3 cars to make the game look more futuristic. Il maybe make more trashed cars for fun
  16. Luckily i did but i got that sorted out by just takin the files from myriad islands and now all the gta_vc.dat works properly
  17. Not like mods for VC but u could replace files i gues... But im not even sure it uses dff files but its possible to change them but thats NFS modding and it has nuttin to do with VC but it is possible to convert cars from VC to NSF or from NSF to VC... Thats all i know...
  18. Yo im not insulting Multi Theft Auto or anythin but i prefer VCMP because it seems a lot easier. I also started using Multi Theft Auto at first, but it was way too hard so i downloaded VCMP and i have heard i has much smoother ping and it is much simpler to use (it is also an online modification for Vice City). Try it. You can check it out here: www.vicecitymultiplayer.com Hope this helps you out
  19. Check this out: this is the first model i actually release which works ingame!!! I think it turned out pretty nice and it fits alot with the new mod im currently working on. I retextured this before i started working on the sabre turbo... But check it out and be free to comment on it and if you wish for any particular car to be retextured i could do my best to help you out. I take requests but not if it involves changing the DFF until i learn how to do it properly. Well here you go: Download Here is a pic of the virgo For further info visit: www.gtavcdblgee.ucoz.com
  20. yea its wierd that u ordered everyone around because u know that we are actually doing a favour for you responding to this whole thing and trying to help you? Its not our fault that you havent stated clearly that your looking for VCM files... So dont flip out on Huck because hes just tryin to help... And anyways it be easier to learn how to mod the Handling file but its your thing...
  21. Im buys working on the cars now so i cant be bothered to work on the maps yet... I will get to work when - Im in the mood. Well anyways check out the car on a different topic called Tuned Sabre Turbo.
  22. Yes i got stuff goin... Check it out i finally got some stuff textured and if when im done if it still doesnt work ingame then i have no clue... I had to remove the long exhaust pipes because they were enoying to texture. But anyways check it out:
  23. Well basically all the textures are there but when i chose them in material editor there are put on the car strangely like not correctly but the only thing which is not textured is the glass, the motor, the spoiler, and the bumber (basically all the yellow parts lol) and they all are splined on the car but the i think the problem is that they are not textured and i need to create a new txd file and texture the new parts on Zmod and then i think it would work. Il try to mess about with it a little to see if maybe i can get something figured out.
  24. i once made my own radio station using an audio connecter thingie but i dont really remember its name... All i did was just put in a bunch of songs i like and click combine and then it created a large mp3 file which i converted using that audio thingie to the vice city format and named it Kchat and ingame that radio station would play my songs. It took ages to find the radio combiner thingie though
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