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  1. Sorry the comment that i said before was more like a PM and so it got rid of it. Anyways very nice job! Im also a lot into Sabres now
  2. well... not a BAD start. Keep getting expierience....
  3. ye, i think you should try downloading it because it will be alot faster and simpler
  4. Check out da new car model im trying to make! i basically got all da stuff but there is one problem... ingame it crashes when i uniteselect (Zmodeler) parts and otherwise the parts dont appear. I will probobly ask somebody who has expeirience in those stuff to help me out. And yea since im into it now, Marty jay williams can u help me out fixing it? i can put it up for download soon if i get somebody to help cuz i have no clue how to fix that up. I can retexture it but not like assign the textures to the model. We could make a really nice job if somebody helps me out! THX, i hope for replies!
  5. BAD NEWS! Im very sorry that i have not managed to release the mod in time due to problems with the IDEs and IPLs but i know how fix it up, its just that i did not have any time to work on the mod during this week... Also this weekend i have 2 assessments due for the week and i will not have any time for this now... And im also not really in the mood now. However im going to get more people to help me do all the mapping and maybe create more models soon. I hope it will work out to release Havana on the 11th of November but again, i cannot promise anything. I might be finished sooner but the download will be avalible later because i have sort out all the files and make a cover and stuff like that. Il do my best to get it done next week
  6. Its ok but since it would be easier for people to see il post the link again: www.gtavcdblgee.ucoz.com On my site you can find screenshots and download and all news fully up to date
  7. ... i have a few new buildings, but VERY few, like 4-5 and a grass square lol... But i converted a building from gta 3, put it ingame and it worked exept i dunno how to make a collison file... i tried using col maker and i created a col file but the game always crashed so i got rid of it. Ofcaurse if somebody could create a few buildings for me that would be great! gotta put up some requests... and ye, maybe i can get more people to help me exept for me doin all the work, but i dont know anybody who could help... Maybe i could ask Marty Jay Williams to create some gangs for me, cuz i know he's good at those kinda stuff. My friend can help me do mapping but only with basic ingame models
  8. LOL i thought about that too, i started turning starfish into a ghetto some time ago even before i started the golf area, i tried to make it look like there was a huricane or sumthin, removing water from swimming pools, tipping over plants and trees and puting cranes and objects from the docks around but i never actually tested it ingame but when i did it crashed during the loading... i dont know why but i think i deleted too many objects... Well i think il finish of the golf area and maybe start modeling the hotring racer or the bloodring cars and meanwhile get ocean drive done. However i still need to finish the files for the Beta v.1 of Havana... But to be honest, im more into tetexturing cars now cuz i just learned how to do
  9. I have not many more ideas, i dunno which cars i should change or what areas still need improvement... im thinkin bout changin ocean drive, addin mo' buildings 'n stuff... Im runnin out of IDEAS!!! HELP ME!!! i will get my friend to help me cuz he can handle moomapper so we can get stuff done faster! BUT WITHOUT IDEAS WE R GONE! i dont want it to slowly fade away like VC corrupted future.
  10. I think its the paint of the sabre which makes it look so great, i think its because the dirt looks like the dirt in San Andreas which is much more realistic than the dirt in vice city. I wish i had spray tool! Nice job!
  11. ye, i converted a bunch of Gta III cars and most of them are sports cars like the cheetah and the banshee which look alot better and much more modern. If your interested you can download them from my site and check out the screenshots. Have fun!
  12. SURE!!! you must be kiddin me, thats part of the reason why scripting exists! i mean, edit the Main.scm file. BUT DONT ASK ME HOW, because i also dont know and yes, i did try
  13. Looks very nice! i have a question since im also retexturing cars now, how did u get it a matt painjob? because by me its always metalic and as it shines my rust textures look unrealistic... i dunno i may also create a new gang car for the other gang with the voodoo... i need somebody to help me create the people though...
  14. Damn, i did soo much work on my mod during the break i have from school. I created 2 new retextured vehicles, converted a bunch of cars from GTA III started working on another area and almost finished the zip for Little Havana 1994 Beta v.1! It will be finnaly released on the 5th of November 2007! Also Leaf Links Golf place will be soon released. I have fully updated my site with all new downloads and screenshots. All news updated were you can check exactly how i am with the mod. Visit: www.gtavcdblgee.ucoz.com! If people dont replay im starting a new topic LOL! each one of your replies cause the mod to be better so if you have any cool ideas you would like in the mod, TELL ME on my site or just reply here! LOL i used up all my attachment space so i cant post any more screenshots. If you want check 'em out on http://gtavcdblgee.ucoz.com/photo/ THANKS
  15. I had a really big problem like this before and i never solved it, it was that everytime i add a new gta_vc.dat or modify mine the game just crashes while loading. I tried everything, adjusting limits, checking the paths, checking if everything is installed correctly but it just didnt work until i got some data files from myriad islands mod that i somehow randomly had on my pc and then it worked. What i know so far is that the problem is somehow to do with the objects.dat, gta_vc.dat and the carcols.dat files. Now it randomly works with the myriad islands files and i can add my own IDEs and IPLs without the game crashing. Oh ya this unhaldeled exeption crap comes up everytime there is an error in the game.
  16. I dont really fully understand what your saying but what i basically understand is that your skins dont load correctly ingame, what is for sure, is that your disk is fine and your probobly saving it in a wrong format. Also you have to follow the texture guide because if you put the face where the legs should be then ofcaurse his face will be on his legs ingame unless you change the DFF file. What i think is wrong, is that your perhaps not saving it as a bitmap (.BMP). Hope this helps you out
  17. This is just the beggining, i will add different buildings and i already have started but i will still leave the repeated orange houses because i like them like that, but i also am adding lots of park areas and vegetation. The main problem is the other buildings which i wanted to add are slightly large and don't fit in any areas of Havana. But i will solve that somehow... i may add more converted buildings from gta III but i dont really like them. I got a new idea over the weekend, to convert some cars from gta III and use them in the mod because they are all mainly the same models just they look more 90's unlike the more squared cars from VC. I have also updated the site with some new screenshots. Here are some screenshots of Havana as i worked on it a little:
  18. yes thats true but i cant find a free download and i really dont wanna pay for it... If i could get it for free anywhere then SURE! but i also have seen people using it and i dont really get it yet but i think if i tried it, id get it after a while. Nottin new yet... i just came back from Frolence and i couldnt work on anything... i will catch up with the work soon.
  19. That looks awsome! i wish i could model that well! i dont even know how to texture my model
  20. I checked it out! nice work man!
  21. Sadly, VERY sadly, before i started these two mods i have worked on a mod called New Prawn Isl. I finished all the files and the readme and got screenshots and a nice BUT then when i was editing little bugs 'n stuff, i ran gtavc at the same time as moomapper and it corrupted everything. In that mod i completely changed the gang houses and the studio and the rest of the island too. All i have left of it is the cover... :'(- Car mod: *Pacific (a cross between Oceanic and Glendale)Ive been working on a model on Zmodeler. As im not that good in modeling cars yet i finished the dff untextured and i dont really know how to texture it properly. The Pacific replaces the Glendale and is a cross between Glendale and Oceanic. I like the back of the Oceanic but i think that the front is really ugly just like by the Glendale the back is ugly and the front is nice so i thought it would be perfect to combine those for a nicer looking car. If somebody could help me out, that be great. You know pimp it up a little and make it work properly in VC. Here are some screenshots of what i did so far.
  22. Guys ive just finished the New "Grand Havana Cinema" and a park area around it. The sunshine autos area is also completely finished and all i need now is to mess about with some other places and create a Zip and all files, models, data etc...Oh yea and check http://gtavcdblgee.ucoz.com/photo/2 for more screenshots!
  23. Lol sorry i dont thing that gives you enough info. Move any model by double clicking on it and holding Ctrl and then just drag it around. On the side should be a list of models in the Item placement (IPL) for example on the right tick the box Little Haiti.IPL and it will apear on the map. A good idea would be to tick the background map feature which shows you the map of vice city so you know where things are. Find haiti and double click on an object. Then on the list on the left it should be highlighted and then just click dublicate and BAM! you have a copy of the object which you can move around by holding ctrl. A Item Editor box shoud pop up and experiment with clicking the little arrows, tipping and turning the object! thats about it
  24. Yea download a tool like CarEd from a site and just set your vc Directory and then it will be very simple. All you have to do is change the acceleration and maximum velocity from like 20 - 100 to make it go really fast
  25. yea just download IMG TOOL and open it. Set your GTA VC Directory and open gta3.Dat. Then a list with all models will come up. Press f2 and give in the name of the model you downlaoded (eg. katana.txd, Katana DFF) then delete the original files and click add and add in the files you downloaded. The weapon stats will be in the Weapons.Dat file. If this file is also in the file you downloaded also replace the original one with it. Hope you make it!
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