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  1. the last thing i bout was a pear of k-swiss, a cap and a bag
  2. i would like to hear the top rnb & hip hop songs as well as the top songs in all the other genres of music
  3. yo mommas so short she has 2 slam dunk her bus fare
  4. yo mommas so dumb, she tripped over a cordless phone
  5. j4ck


    i played it for about a day n it was rubbish. never been back since.
  6. with the faggio ijust slowly do a right out of the dealers, do a right at the lights and do a right down a alley then follow it round and by that time the bar would have filled. doing it slowly enough of course.
  7. i got it. i only got 1 vehicle 2 get now
  8. i like the loan shark 1's because they wer the easiest but i also liked the protection racket
  9. i think its a good idea 2. i like it because of doing the missinos w/ air vehicles. if you lost control of ur copter it can get destroyed realy easily.
  10. does anybody know where 2 get a banshee?
  11. ive seen the movie, i thought it was sik
  12. i think the best way of making money is the bike salesroom in staunton island next to the firestation, easy money
  13. my fav mission was the 1 where you had 2 drive through the tunnel n blow it up destroyin all the buildings
  14. i would say the washington is a chrysler 300c. and the big van (cant remember its name) would be a mercedes sprinter
  15. i do stunts on ps2. has anyone tryed jumping over the river by the dam?
  16. ye the simpsons mmovie is a must see. i especialy remember the bit with the pig. spider pig, spider pig, does what ever a spider pig does. (to the tune of spider man.
  17. do u know wher 2 get 1 once u've completed all the story missions?
  18. what is a street fighter, its on the car list.
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