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  1. That's pretty nice to hear indeed. I had to study hard, midterm exams are coming :/

  2. Hey dude. Haven't seen you lately :P

  3. cool, thanks :)

  4. Yes I am. Back to shitty days :(

  5. Nah, it's ok. Don't worry, it won't kill me :P

  6. lol k, wish granted. *deletes "boring"*

  7. damn d00d, your thread really rox!

  8. lol k. Gotta pack up for tomorrow too, due to classes' resume

  9. yeah. Good night dude :D

  10. ok. Good night to you, it's already 8:30 PM here :)

  11. Haha, thats why people around me calls me "lazy", or I am just a laid-back person

  12. yeah, I had a pretty simple goal in life. I just want to live my life simply without feeling tired. Since I'm the type of person who easily feel contented :)

  13. lolfuck, I misread your comment actually... Umm, apparently I don't have any more interests to say. :))

  14. lol thanks. Yours seems fun too :D

  15. Haha, yeah I would rather stay at home too. That's how I want to live my life though :P

  16. Enjoying the last days of my week-long vacation from university. I've been hanging out with my friends lately.

  17. Well tbh. I made some flame fights here before. :P

  18. Well apparently I am a friendly person. But I had a pretty bad record here though.

  19. Props to your sig. It's nice, very original imo. :)

  20. I appreciate your friend request. Thanks. :)

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