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  1. tnx, its the good ol' Raymond :)

  2. Hansui

    hey dude.... i know you don't remember me...

  3. di na kasi ako nagYM o MSN... sori pre :(

  4. hehehe, medyo matagal na rin yung luma mong avatar... mas astig yung ngayon :D

  5. astig avatar mo pre :) hehehehe

  6. hey happy birthday :)

  7. quite fine since i came back here around december of 2007. good to see you here again :), it brings me back good ol' days here in tgtap

  8. hai dude, I'm Ar-v, one of your former homies at SFM :), Woozie told me that you came back here...

  9. your sig is the one used by Spaz back then, right? :)

  10. now, we had our new Raymond

  11. i'm with you and Huck. Although I'll not try to offend any people here

  12. lol, i dunno why he commented on us, maybe because we are very hawt XD

  13. aw, who told you? i think its quite true XD

  14. Hansui

    lolz, u love swearing in foreign languages :)

  15. i dunno, but i think he already lost his interest in GTA :(

  16. actually I still update Hijack about the things happening in this forums... :)

  17. zomg, pillow is five years older than you :o

  18. hey, happy bday :)

  19. aw, that is quite sad to hear. Because I want all the original SFM members to go back and be active again :)

  20. so, is he planning to comeback here? Its been so good seeing old members going back after a very long time

  21. yeah, but i still respect him so much though XD. Even though he is a true spammer who take every opportunity to promote his gang :)... and lol at his "roster"

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