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Status Updates posted by Hansui

  1. hey, thanks for adding me

  2. your sig got a point :)

  3. maraming salamat pre! :)

  4. hey Penise =). I know you're not a genuine female :P

  5. i had my list of suspects :P... but i think i'll just wait for now

  6. i thought it sounded funny :D

  7. floppy swelly whoopy!

  8. its 4:03 PM rightnow, just came from the distant Manila, well... have a good sleep there. And lol, whoopy? I thought it was some sort of a name, isn't it?

  9. tired, always tired. T_T

  10. yeah swell =P

  11. lol thanks, it was like a 1 minute gfx

  12. lol, it seems that 4chan sucked him back.

    I'm still kinda tired today, especially my arms... :)

  13. lol what happened to og spanny?

  14. lol at the Left4Dead guy

  15. hay =D

    thanks for the random visit :)

  16. Shirrey Tempre fanboi :P

    Rooks AWESOME :D

  17. Maybe you'll be promoted if u figured who uses this account :P

  18. lawl thanks :D

  19. Hansui

    i think there are some recent developments in gang scene :P

  20. Hansui

    lol yeah but don't miss the gang wars... :)

  21. Hansui

    ya rly. Haven't seen you much recently, welcome back anyway ;)

  22. Hansui

    o HAI azn

  23. i miss ur randomness

  24. yeah, tnx mate. I've been longing for it :P

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