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Status Updates posted by Hansui

  1. ah i really miss this guy, the one who thought me n00bish things XD

  2. hey, got new pic :)

  3. hai. chris' kid

  4. ey, happy birthday homie, sorry for being late :D

  5. Hansui

    hey. congrats to your 7000th reply XD... lets party!!!

  6. pero di pa rin malamig dito :(

    ang init nga kanina dun sa skul... halos lagnatin na ako

  7. ey dude. lapit na Pasko, di na ako makapaghintay sa simbang gabi, kaso ngalang may pasok kami nun :(... lol

  8. oh yeah, and you're going to the terrorist base

  9. Hansui

    o hai ther dood :)

  10. i love the game in ur sig. (not VC online)

    reminds me of good ol' memories =)

  11. y hello thar!!! w00t

  12. no, only every monthly exams. actually i'm away for four days next week. see ya later :)

  13. just arrived from fuckin school even if it is saturday.... i'm quite inactive rightnow

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