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  1. Yun nga eh. malaki na rin ang pinagbago ng lugar na to. Napadaan lang ako. Buti may mga aktibo pa rin dito kahit paano. Sana mabalik nila ang dating sigla ng lugar na to para mapadalas na rin ako

  2. shittt... I miss TGTAP :'(

  3. happy new year to everyone, it's already 12:40 am here!!!

  4. hey thanks for the comment!

  5. Ah yeah, I see. Never noticed that post rep thingy :P

  6. lol, who gave you that reddish negative rep?

  7. Hah cool, it's good that you saw it before I change my sig :)

  8. Thanks dude. It was a bit old, but someone has noticed it at last! :)

  9. hey dude, good to see you back in the forums!

  10. Denise loves Penise XD

  11. yeah, i hope so.

  12. maligayang kaarawan :). Ngayon lang ako naka-online ulit :P

  13. Dunno, he's playing SA when I last saw him

  14. that's a pretty awesome coincidence :D

  15. your comment, sir, is very much appreciated :)

  16. I wish I am good in math :(

  17. Yeah, I was also thinking the same thing. I mean, you can never go to a store compute the expenses by using the weird formulas of math... it only applies to engineers though

  18. yeah, math is ftl :(

  19. I'm not really that excited when it comes to exams. College Algebra is just ftl :(

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