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  1. yeah kinda, considering we saw this place when it is still plagued by noobs and cool gangs :P, tbh, i missed people like mike_subuzi. lol.

  2. i really missed those days :)

  3. oh yeah, hijack's thread w/ where u can find me, mike, ur old account and hijack's duple account (thug4life)... and sfm advertisement, lol :)

  4. lol dude, its not working... i think you're trying to show me the good ol' orange & gray skin... :D

  5. yes, i made it. thanks :)

  6. yeah, but actually its already 7:05 PM here :P... i'm almost going to bed probably several hours later... i hope you enjoyed your celebration :)

  7. oh, sorry for late reply, I'm already sleeping by the time you commented on my profile :P. I had a pretty good night btw

  8. yeah, happy New Year too, get drunk :)

  9. Frank? i thought it was Mike o.O

  10. congrats with that 2000th post. After so many years here in TGTAP...

  11. lol, i'm late, happy birthday :D

  12. di gaano masaya Media Noche namin, kasi kulang kami, wala yung iba kong kamag-anak nasa provincia... pero maganda dito, walang gaanong ribintador, meron dun sa isang bahay lang. Pero astig na rin... sana maging maganda ang taon na 'to :D

  13. promise, i'll get PSP someday :D

  14. 1 GB = full of pr0nz? :o...

  15. good. if i had a PSP then I would put pr0nz on it :), i love technology sometimes... really

  16. i'm always fine, i watched some pr0nz in my mate's cellphone lately

  17. i remember this dude

  18. nothing, just chillin' around XD

  19. edwaaaarrrd!! :P

  20. kami rin naman eh, pero buti na lang, exam namin... :).

    sige ingat na lang sa bagong taon XD

  21. merry xmas pre. sarap kumain sa noche buena XD... kaso di ko nakumpleto yung simbang gabi kahit sakristan ako, laging may kulang na isa... tatlong taon nang parating ganun

  22. me too :). see ya around mate

  23. Hansui

    happy birthday. have a nice day :D

  24. tnx for adding me :)

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