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  1. well it says i have v1.01... dunno if that matters...
  2. yeah....i like rap..a lot of the newer (post 2000s) stuff is nowhere near as good as the old school stuff like in san andreas...
  3. lol.... used to play euphonium (also called baritone horn).... its like a small tuba...it was pretty easy but it just got really boring after a while
  4. hmmmm fallout boy - ehrrrr kill yourself my chemical romance - same panic at the disco - and again fergie - dont hate the person but songs get anoying rihanna - as above
  5. Well..the first famly computer we had... 486 processor (before pentium for those who dont know) 16MB ram cd-rom 500 or so MB hard drive dont even ask about graphics.... 15inch crt Windows 95 I remember, once the operating system was installed, there was about 150 maybe less MB free space. Enough for Age of Empires 1 **** wow.......major bump. sorry.
  6. Well....the game is cracked for one. Without mods??... Its so annoying sometimes...was much much worse in Vice City, because there would be a wall there, but it wouldnt be drawn. Sometimes it would never draw...and it seems like you just run into nothing.
  7. Electrify (original mix) - Mind Electric - off MOS Sessions 4
  8. Well....in Las Venturas, one of the casinos (perhaps its a hotel) is pretty good. I forget the name, but it is a big pyramid, with like a moat type road around the perimeter. This is good because you can just run as far as you want to up the pyramid, the police can't get up. Only problem is helicopters can get you. The funniest thing is watching the police cars struggle to get up the pyramid, make it halfway and then roll back down, flip over and explode.
  9. Yeah....on PC MP3 is definitely best Otherwise, I like K-DST for when I'm on the highways, or flying, Radio Los Santos for when in Los Santos, and WCTR because it is so funny, like VCPR was.
  10. Ok..I have also had this problem with GTA Vice City after modding, now it is happening with San Andreas. What happens is, you look in a certain direction, and you see a building. Then it fades away. Then a second or two later, it redraws itself and appears again. Anyone got any ideas what's causing this as it is a bit of a pain...
  11. first off, its not my save, its a 100% downloaded one...i think they did use unallowed cheats cos it recommends not to save it, although they did get 100% well...i was using san andreas mod installer...which replaces correct handling, vehicle.ide, carcols.dat all that stuff... OK...what i did, was uninstall all mods with that, then when @ san fierro...SAVED there. then went to garage. and it was fine. very very strange if you ask me, but its all working fine now..except i found out the hard way not to put mods on downloaded cars.... eg stallion can get vents, but if u try and do it to a downloaded car, instant crash.... So anyway, it's all good atm
  12. ok.it cant be the cars because i removed all those then i went to the san fierro garage...moment of truth...and the game crashed just like it did. also note these mods are on a fresh install of GTA:SA done today...
  13. Thanks a lot man..... will try this now! *** wait.......since i got a 100% savegame... so this means i must go to all garages and pull out all the cars, then save with no cars in garage, then i have to find them myself after?
  14. OK... first off....I have San Andreas v1 I put some mods in, including Lamborghini Murcielago, RX7, Lancer Evo etc Only car mods though... Now here's the problem. Whenever i walk up to a garage door (apart from the grove st garage) eg san fierro petrol station, it just freezes, then crashes to desktop.... Any suggestions?
  15. I first played GTA 1 at my neighbours house on PC...those sfx were funny esp rocket launcher, and all the people being torched with flamethrower I got GTA2 chipped for PS1, then played GTA3 at friends when it came out, borrowed Vice city off same neighbour for about 2 years, bought san andreas, liberty city stories and got vice city stories iso for PSP in my opinion san andreas was one of the best, they just need to change the theme..the whole gangsta thing gets annoying. The fact that you could just go do some side mission like driving school or pizza delivery or play in casino. or import export dock xD
  16. Shared with 2 computers...one of which on MSN, bebo etc
  17. umm Vice City for the modded cars and just to drive around listening to my own music Scarface PS2 (although not for a few weeks) NFSU2 -- i will never get over this game...so many different possibilities etc Liero v1.33 some dodgy graphic shooting game--like a realtime worms..fun GTA Vice City Stories Tekken:Dark Ressurection - ppl playing it at school, fun to challenge them on PSP thats about it...trying to get GTA:SA back from my friend so i can mess around with that again OFFTOPIC ____________________________________________________________ Is it possible to convert a car made for San Andreas to work in Vice City? ____________________________________________________________
  18. tie between vice city for the 80s style...san andreas for the fact there are SO many things to do...vice city stories for the same reason as vice city + multiplayer + the whole empire thing
  19. damnit!! i want that car lol...when i saw killerkip's mod i reinstalled for the rx7...to find out it was a old one anyone seen this around at all? or...does anyone know how to (if possible) convert cars FROM GTA: SA to GTA Vice City? I know this sounds like it won't happen already but...
  20. Anyone know of where I can get this, or do they have it?
  21. u cant open these...go into your handling.cfg (vice city folder\data\handling.cfg) make a copy first...then open the original with notepad and scroll down to the name of the car it is installed as eg. bfinjection and read up the top it says what the numbers are...then find accel.. and top speed and change those to higher values
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