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  1. Hey do you listen to the in-game music much? Do you bother with it, do you use the custom playlist thing...or do you put your own music on ( i did this for ages, then made custom list, then put own music again) If you have a custom playlist, post it
  2. so you've had experience with this? what did you have to do?
  3. WRX22B1998

    Tekken Series

    Tekken 3 is the game that got me into the series. My first match against my cousin, i beat him in 2 rounds with a 1hit ko (in the first 3 seconds) with paul..he was hwoarang... This was pretty funny, he was so cut at me because he thought he was unbeatable... TDR is awesome as well, graphics much better etc, so many more characters...Jinpachi is a freak, dont let him up for a second otherwise he will use the fireball on you and thats the end of you (well end of about 80% health)...I have liked yoshimitsu for both tekkens, and learnt lots of his moves on tekken 3, it was pretty cool, the meditate thing and it heals you,. thne u press direction, teleport behind them and start hitting them before they notice
  4. I mean running out of ammo on hand...theres lots in locker, I just go to the boat and refill.. Then every 2 or 3 refills I go to weapons dealer and max the ammo. I had a good run over there, got about 1.5mil and ~4000g.Then used the floatplane for quick escape Im lv7 now...I noticed the bank interest rate is your reputation level...its 7 now...bought montana sports (i know sorta useless but i only had 20~mil) I was doing the front missions for south beach, the macau fast food and chi peso...chi peso WHAT A PAIN IN THE A$$...stupid retard restaurant owner loves running out in the open. I did what the FAQ i got said to do - call the odin vh88 (tip truck) and park it in front of the entrance...that worked perfectly So...I have 90something /105 exotics i think All henchmen All cars except whisky ghost All boats except yacht All furniture All decor The cheaper unique collectibles (everything up to and including $2mil) montana fitness,sports,holdings,records,productions (need legal,finance,defense) Im happy I bought montana holdings before, now the fronts are 10% cheaper...i remember north beach fronts are bloody expensive Once you get montana defense, does that mean u can hold much more than 999 in locker? whats the max amount? post a screenshot if u can Montana defense...omg..so expensive...60mil far out...thats like 4 30kg distribution runs (probably 5) - but i only own downtown and havana...after getting south beach it becomes a huge pain because if you start in south beach, then "babylon club under attack"...OMFG. And if u start in downtown, the front under attack is usually in southbeach Sometimes the fronts under attack can lead to big problems...eg one time I ran in there, guns blazing, then someone came from behind a chainsawed my arm off..i know your about to say "but didnt u hear" but i play with my own music on aswell, so i dun rly hear the game much. i turn subtitles on for that aswell as the fact its funny hearing what people say...
  5. Hahaha mad, this looks cool My sound is stuffed atm but this looks so funny - Whens it coming out? Meh..2008 I hate those stupid dates where it just says the year. At least the season.. wahetver this looks pretty good
  6. Hmm Boomerang (channel on foxtel) will help me with this Flintstones Jetsons Top Cat Looney Tunes Road Runner (dunno if looney tunes includes this) Captain Planet Tom & Jerry Scooby Doo Catdog Rugrats Ren & Stimpy
  7. Thats in WA though, Im sure its different in NSW Meh whatever
  8. Yeah except for the fact that this is a PS3 or XBOX360 VOTE TOPIC... I didnt ask about Wii
  9. Too many to decide... The Malibu Club is funny to go with remote grenades, just chuck one in the middle of the dancefloor then go stand next to the bar and detonate it.. or a chainsaw I like the sunshine autos (car lot) cos of all the garages, and the hyman condo cos of the helipad + garages + close to stadium The mansion is cool to have shootouts with cops
  10. So you've had experience with this?? Details?
  11. Yeah you can use your phone as a internet thing..i can with mine anyways (nokia 6280), but it'l cost heaps I think...I think the speed is around dialup speed..so only if ur desperate, you know.. or you could go to a LAN cafe
  12. Thanks dudes, umm yeah I said at the start what TM was thinking... I think I will go ps3 especially considering 360 u have to pay for online, smaller hard disk, different control.. and blu-ray! plus i wanna get the next gran turismo whatever they are gonna call it cos i love those games..and ps3 control is basically the same as ps2 so can you plug n play ipod, i never tried with ps3 but 360, just plugged it in, and can browse just like on computer...i suppose it'd be the same I like Wii , its heaps fun (friend & cousin has one) but I want something thats powerful enough for all the new games, (instead of shelling out ~$1500 for a new pc)
  13. It is cheaper than PS3 (in Australia anyways)...I suppose a bigger hard drived 360 would cost more, but Im just using these prices for reference as I would be buying one of the two, although there are sometimes better deals by maybe $10... 360 is cheaper by ~100 here (the 20gb bundle with 2 games)
  14. SpaceEinstein's v2 mod which has like 20+ mods all into one including climb up walls, spawn every vehicle, invulnerable, never fall off bike..the list goes on.. looked for nearly 20minutes and couldnt find a link, but finally found this http://media.gtanet.com/gtagarage/files/sp...d_v2.0.zip?2375
  15. Cool thanks guys for your opinions so far... connor did you vote? there's only 1 vote for 360-- or did you vote before?
  16. This looks good, and the right time to release with the success of the "save earth from aliens" genre (eg gears of war, resistance fall of man) I was about to post a youtube link of the video smallpancake already said... i never get sick of that
  17. Which of these should I buy?? Vote, then post your reasons for the vote..edit: i see 1 for each...great FYI I dont want this to turn into a "360 SUX PS3 is the BEST" topic...just asking for opinion I have a PS2 already, but since I'm in Australia we got scammed (only ps2 emulation) on the ps3... The 40gb ps3 is $600AU i think now (with 1 control and a game I think) The 360 is $500 for a Pro pack with Forza 2, another game, 20gb hdd I was considering 360, but Im so used to PS2 control, it takes a bit to get used to. Also the fact I could plug my Ipod in and play all songs off the media browser thing..PS3 i have heard is really picky with external hard drives (my friend had to format his in like ~10gb partitions) But PS3 looks cool (and is less noisy I think, 360 is so noisy) The reason I have excluded Wii is that it is unable to play a lot of the more demanding games (GTA4 was a factor as well)
  18. Well...confirmed that the 'glitch island' works for PS2 It was pretty insane, just run back then forward and theres like another 6 leaders...The only real problem I had (until I died) was running out of bullets But..I got hit with the M79 then fell, then got up to trigger blind rage, and befoer i was up i was hit with another 2 grenades.. There goes ~1.4mil dirty cash & ~2000g I guess I wasnt close enough.... Take 2 Did ok this time, killed again @ ~750k though Take 3 this time I was ready, I got around 800g and about 600k (after heat payed down) then quickly called floatplane cos I was surrounded with no health...made it back and laundered the cash pirates u neva catch me oh and im up another rep level after doing distribution twice (30kg once and 7kg another time) and gettin cars n stuff - got the first few investments, legal,finance,sports and defence(locked) still left to get
  19. This looks cool. Seen this ad a few times at the movies/TV Looks pretty good probably see it...
  20. Tell you the truth, exactly the same thing happened to me. Except i didnt put a stripper mod I had all my vehicle mods etc all working fine Then I stopped playing for a while, cos I was playing PS2 Then i went to play it again, and it loaded to like 75% then crashed. I tried "new game" and it crashed as well I went to my backup directory (when i installed, i made a copy of the whole folder to another spot on my c drive) then tried to open that, and EXACTLY the same thing happened. So I dunno...I had some cool mods on that, Im sorta cut it stopped working..I hadnt done anything to it since it was last working..
  21. Theres already a formula one car...and thers a shanghai formula one circuit which can be added to san andreas. It appears near the ferris wheel near one of the beaches in Los Santos..i made a topic of it in the gta san andreas ->modding forum
  22. Get some modded cars from this site. Then use IMG tool to open gta3.img (in your san andreas\models directory then search for and rename the one you are replacing (eg savanna.txd) to something like savanna1.txd so you know that theres a backup in case you dont like the car. Then add your new savanna.txd. Do the same for the .dff file as well (rename original, add new) . There are some help topics in this forum you can look up as well to help you out. eg http://www.thegtaplace.com/forums/index.ph...p;f=41&id=6 http://www.thegtaplace.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=5959 http://www.thegtaplace.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=9653 (making own mods)
  23. You use it to open the .img files, for example gta3.img Imagine this file as a big zip file. IMG tool lets you open the .img files, and add/replace/delete/rename files in the .img archive which is necessary if you want modded cars, boats, helicopters, and some others
  24. Oh BTW that map isnt mine. Someone put a link to it in the FAQ. I have Scarface on PS2..the map does not look like that-there is only one gang area. Downtown gangs..they are sorta more difficult. I was close to killing all. Then "kill the leader" He appeared next to me with a M79 (grenade launcher...) then boom. "You fucked up"..ohhh son of a b!tch. That was a nacho mercenaries however. I can wipe out the nacho gang's easy though I got the storehouse in downtown without too much trouble. The helicopter was so much easier to kill than I expected. Up to islands. Met sandman, then did the nacho mission in his tanker (not dock boss, the one b4). Far out that was annoying. Especially the snipers...The cut scene was sorta dumb..why didnt he just shoot nacho? Made no sense, but it was funny watching him swim. Then i shot him in the head Up to the dock boss mission, but i decided to explore. Ended up on tranqulandia thinking it will be ok..nope..lol..swarms and swarms of gangs arrive. lucky my henchman was on the attack boat. That was like 5 minutes of fun. Gunning everyone down, actually was easier than I thought. Then got a bit further in the island, and had to swim, then they killed me while in the water. I did get to use blindrage like 4 times though.
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