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  1. My desktop is pretty weak compared to what I've seen here..I suppose it was bought in 2001..it has Pentium 4 2.0Ghz 1GB DDR RAM (PC2100 lol) Leadtek A340 (FX5200 256MB) - upgraded from a Geforce4 MX420 DVD-RW (was a big thing then) 80GB hard disk Windows XP samsung syncmaster 204B 20" lcd (1600x1200) Other desktop (the one my dad uses) AMD Athlon XP 2800+ 512MB ram 80gb hdd ati radeon x1050 dvd-rw asus vw192T 19" widescreen LCD (1440x900) Laptop however which I use more is much better Intel Core Duo T5500 (1.66Ghz) 1GB DDR2 Ram (i think DDR2) Nvidia GeForce 7300 Go DVD-RW 120GB Hard disk 15.4" lcd (1280x800) other: Western Digital MyBook World Edition 500GB (ethernet connectivity 10/100/1000)
  2. Well that is what he did. He went to the documents folder from start menu and "GTA San Andreas User Files" folder was in there, so he replaced with the one I gave him. It still cant find it.
  3. My friend recently got GTA San Andreas for his Vista computer, and the game works fine. Except that he cant load the save files I have given him. He has replaced the default ones in the documents folder, yet when he goes to load it says "save file not present" for all of the files. Would this have to do with that GTA looks in C:\Documents and Settings\***\My Documents\GTA San Andreas User Files\ (in Windows XP) and the my documents folder in Vista is under a "users" folder, or something like that..?
  4. Yeah pretty much...it can help you find people who have same musical interests as you etc too.
  5. I've played quite a few games at a friends house..but one thing I noticed..I suppose this isnt really preventable and I might be having a bit of a whinge..In Medal of Honor: Vanguard and other shooting games (eg Redsteel), it is a bit of a pain to get really precise aiming, is this because the sensor is too close or Wiimotes need to be reconfigured or something. My hand was nearly perfectly still and the gun is wobbling around which makes aiming a bit of a pain... Still lots of fun though
  6. http://www.last.fm/user/WRX22B1998/ Ok some things... Acceptance - I dont listen to them, my Last.Fm kept scrobbling after I was off the computer.. The Goodwill - is just Goodwill, a DJ whose songs were on some of the Ministry of Sound albums- one of their songs is Outta Control. But for some reason comes up as The Goodwill, some emo looking band so....
  7. Do you mean Windows Media Player? If not, then what is WMA - is it windows media audio file or is it a different thing altogether
  8. Wow....way to make it not obvious... Sometimes manufacturers copy bits off other cars, and it isnt really noticed. But this..wow...too far
  9. Not to be a bitch, but I dont have Hijackthis...and the running processes are all normal (confirmed by Security Task Manager) i know what they all are...but I'l put it in nonetheless I cut and paste some processes to try and make it square because they dont all fit on one screen This is what I did..and it seemed to fix the problem. First I uninstalled MioNet (it was giving me problems, like, for example I copied all these videos off the camera, from D drive. And it started caching all of them to c drive (pretty much making a copy) while it was transferring and then i was getting all these Low Disk Space warnings...long story short its really annoying) Then I went into my dad's computer (also XP) and copied explorer.exe to my USB. Then I went and renamed explorer.exe in my windows directory to explorer.old and pasted the new explorer.exe. Then I rebooted and it hasnt done it yet... Still pretty strange though so...
  10. I just thought of that myself(uninstaling it)...but I need it to get to my external HD. Edit..No i dont figured out a way I will try uninstalling this software, then see what happens But...it did it before (after Mionet) with other stuff like svchost.exe and rundll32.exe Beginning to annoy me, as soon as i close Mionet my whole comp froze....i still have the disc for it so if i REALLY need it back i can get it. but i will try uninstalling that
  11. Yes I know you can google this...but...all the situations for people have been when doing something specific. I bought a WD MyBook World Edition (just means it has LAN connection) and installed the compulsory crap MioNet software Since this, on my laptop, explorer.exe has sometimes jumped up and stayed at ~50% CPU usage, and start menu doesnt respond, nor does clicking any icons. I pretty much have to ctrl alt del, end process "explorer.exe" and run "explorer" and start over. This is a real pain especially because I am copying files sometimes when this happens, other times I'm not really doing anything. Ive run Spybot S&D (which just found cookies) and ran AVG Anti Virus (which found a virus in the multi theft auto admin.exe...) but nothing else.
  12. Well...different on different comps They all use AVG anti virus One uses Xoftspy (but has AdAware as well), one uses Spybot, the other i think uses AdAware Windows Firewall i suppose? We use the routers firewall, dunno if that counts since its not a program
  13. If you put on the everyone drives cool cars cheat : (Type EVERYONEISRICH) during gameplay, then im sure someone will be driving it. alternatively like Ran said, get it from import/export, you can always take it up the street to transfender and paint it whatever colour
  14. You need Version 1. Theres a downgrader available..some people have it in their sig. Dont know the exact link, just google it
  15. Well, thegtaplace.com (this site) has good overall downloads for most sections good for cars = http://grandtheftauto.fr + http://jvtdesign.net good for lots = http://grandtheftauto.filefront.com
  16. I just downloaded this mod about 1/2hr ago....its a F1 track which gets put on its on seperate island, due south of the pier with the ferris wheel on it (you race on this in a mission near the start in lowrider cars)...if you go to the pier to the right, you can drive up a pit lane type thing and straight onto the racetrack. It is awesome fun for when you have modded cars, one of mine is good for drifting. Also good for two-wheel bonuses as the skirting on the side of the track (red/whtie striped) is sort of elevated, so drive on, then back off..i got a double two wheels bonus I got it from filefront, get it with this link. Download the Shanghai F1 Track
  17. That would be the handling.cfg which is in vice city/data/handling.cfg It has seperate values for accleration, top speed, weight etc to open it, just right click on the file and open-with notepad make sure you BACK IT UP (ie make a copy) before you go editing anything just in case you mess anything up
  18. Hmmm...thanks I still dont get why it shouldnt be modded....like...why it doesnt let you Il try searching for other PCJ mods..
  19. Ok..so are these like known to not work or something??? I have heaps of car mods installed, even building mods..... But when i try and install a bike mod (eg to replace PCJ600) SA opens fine, then load game. it gets like 3/4 of the way then crashes to desktop.... Any ideas??? Yes, i have V1 (well it says V1.1) and all the other mods have been working fine.
  20. Yeah...and then "goddamn it imagine santa NOW" lol....yeah...then @ the end when cartman imagines kyle sucking his balls.. "i told you it would happen"
  21. Hey anyone watching the new south park? The new episodes (10,11,12) are a 3-part story about imaginationland....if you havent seen it, i encourage you to..its so funny. eg Butters is stuck in Imaginationland...then he says "how do i get out" ... then someone says "ohh you just click your heels and thats it"...."really" .... "NO YOU F***ING MORON...WHAT ARE YOU? STUPID!"
  22. I would say the purple one. Because it matches avatar - i suppose. But disregarding the avatar the purple one looks better - the font.
  23. Well..I'd probably say holden...don't know why... Anyway they have the new VE ute....looks awesome... stupid government & their p-plate laws
  24. I was watching last nights Chaser's War on Everything (podcasted)...anyone else watch this show..so funny.
  25. This same thing happened to me, although they worked fine for ages, just started doing that yesterday. Turned out the power supply plug (into the sub) had sort of come out, but not all the way. I unplugged it from the power point, then plugged it back in, and it worked fine. Still strange though...
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