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  1. TrialByFire

    What are you listening to right now?

    eminem - under the influence
  2. TrialByFire

    If you could have a part of a girl's body....

    hmmm depends if she had big tits then no compotition! but maybe the head... i dunno
  3. TrialByFire

    Sexual Preference

    omg that would be so hilarious! thats stupidly insanely funny!
  4. TrialByFire

    Co Op Mode On gta 4?

    hmmm yh but i wuold like a multiplayer feature like in the stories that was quality but maybe R* want to change things up a little bit?
  5. TrialByFire

    The Random Post Topic

    g as in gangsta lol
  6. TrialByFire

    Which forum members would you like to meet?

    i would like to meet chris, and TM
  7. TrialByFire

    GTA Classics Memorial

    i was talkin to johnny fidalgo...
  8. TrialByFire

    What radio station do you dislike the most

    i didnt mind head radio it was ok but if i had a choice i would listen to something else
  9. TrialByFire

    RATE Person above you

    avi: 10/10 quality! lol sig: 7/10 looks cool hmm... seen beta tho (no offence) person: dunno him but am sure he is a nice guy!
  10. TrialByFire

    The Random Post Topic

  11. TrialByFire

    Firefox Problem?

    ok if it keeps freezing then how are you posting???
  12. TrialByFire

    Christmas ^_^

    get in there MrLlamaLlama... seriously though it should be good for you (and not just the sex... lol) hmm prob go to some parties have a good time and enjoy my ps3
  13. TrialByFire

    GTA Classics Memorial

    hey if i still had them i would play them now they're still rele good games even if the graphics aren't "next gen" but who cares????
  14. TrialByFire

    gta 3 or vice city

    yh i could but unfortunately i am playing them on ps2...
  15. TrialByFire

    stupid games

    i only played true crime streets of LA and i didnt rele think too much of that...
  16. TrialByFire

    Christmas ^_^

    @JACE: sorry will try to from now on...
  17. TrialByFire

    gta 3 or vice city

    i dunno y ui neva rele got in 2 VC and even tho III pissed me of soooooooooo much i still perservered and completed it... so i'd have to say III for me...
  18. erm... not strictly VC but starnglehold and rock you like a hurricane (VCS)
  19. TrialByFire

    stupid games

    tru that! but dont you think that they've gone a lil ott witht the whole mario franchise? i am not knockin' it i love mario games but still there are an awful lot of them!
  20. TrialByFire

    What radio station do you dislike the most

    i dont think so... my personal fav was liberty jam...
  21. TrialByFire

    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Stories

    the whole point of the stories is to give the player an insight in to wot happened BEFORE the original... so you might take the role of brian (CJ's dead bro). alternatively you might see how the varrios los aztecas or the da nang boys started out...
  22. TrialByFire

    What pisses you off?

    wots rong wit dat?
  23. TrialByFire

    Christmas ^_^

    m8! thats dark! and i thought my mum was a bitch!?
  24. TrialByFire

    The Random Post Topic

    tell me bout it i am @ skool!
  25. TrialByFire

    Christmas ^_^

    hey does that mean u will b gettin one 4 xmas or u already have 1? ne way i am gettin one for xmas... erm i will prob be in malta for xmas so i can be with most of my family (unfortantely not my dad or brother )