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    What are you listening to right now?

    A Team - Ed Sheeran
  2. TrialByFire

    Your most favorite racing games?

    Nope. In fact it probably has the least customization options. Even Undercover has more... Ok let me rephrase it had the most to offer in terms of sensible customization options I don't wanna spend my time changing how wide the grill on my fender is, that shit is just retarded.
  3. TrialByFire

    Modern warfare 3

    Most of what I have heard is that MW3 is really really bad, but I haven't played it yet as I am too poor to actually buy the game... I guess I will end up buying it eventually, if for nothing else to continue the story, say what you want about MW3 but I really enjoyed the story... Multiplayer was alright too
  4. TrialByFire


    *Insights a revolution*
  5. TrialByFire


    One of my housemates was a 21 year old fresher last year, besides I am gunna be 21 in may and I am still in 1st year lol. So yeah people should come to Canterbury because it's blatantly the best place to meet up...
  6. TrialByFire


    Ah! I am in the comp sci bit. That's so weird how we are probably in the same building at the same time most days a week without even knowing it, what year are you in?
  7. TrialByFire


    Are you serious? Me too, what do you study? Comp Sci?
  8. TrialByFire


    I'm at the University of Kent too! Congratulations Sherman! Where have you moved too? I can't believe you have got married. Who is the lucky lady? Really? Which campus? Also TGTAP meet up would be awesome. I hear Canterbury is a pretty cool place to meet up with people who you have only spoken to online...
  9. TrialByFire

    TERRORIST are invading ENGLAND

    Squirrel, I tire of tearing your arguments apart, if you cannot see for yourself that you are an arrogant, ignorant, unintelligent, racist moron then so be it, carry on being racist see how far it gets you in life, not very fucking far I will tell you that for free...
  10. TrialByFire

    TERRORIST are invading ENGLAND

    Did you see me deny the fact im racist? Ummm, so why do u have to keep saying it? People give racist's a bad name anyway lol, I don't judge people by colour of their skin, but I do judge people by their ethnic background mark ass clown? My name's not mark lol, i swear you just make this shit up you silly little E-thug. Then again, im not the one calling you a batty crease for ur opinion, if I don't like people from afghan then its entirley up to me. Even trail by fire said so, once i am actively contributing to society im aloud to comment about forigners? Well, seeing as about a month ago i was in work, does that mean if I posted this a month ago it would of been accepted as just one of those things? Doubt it.. Multi-cultural community, bah.. Those very words make me sick to my stomach I can write as many paragraphs as I want, doesnt mean you have to read it! Just like it doesnt mean they have to come sponging off my countries riche's.. They should go to France, they would fit in better with the rest of the english hating faggots @bold: Well then unfortunately you do not have the intelligence. @underlined: erm... surely the colour of someone's skin is linked directly to their ethnic background? Stereotyping someone on the colour of their skin is exactly the same as stereotyping someone because of their ethnic background, they both amount to the same thing: racism, which is frowned upon in most societies and I do believe (correct me if I am wrong Chris if you read this) strictly prohibited on this forum. Also, no, you cannot write as many racist paragraphs as you want on here due to the aforementioned prohibition on racism, you will get warned, if you continue to will become a restricted member and if you are stupid enough to continue to be openly racist on this forum I am very sure before long Chris or Gerard will ban you. Also (sorry you just keep giving more paper thin arguments to tear down) most of the 'immigrants' that come to this country are very hard workers, take the Polish immigrants, some of the hardest working people I know, immigrants from the Middle East again very fucking hard workers, and immigrants from Asia? Guess what? Very fucking hard workers. So no, they do not come to this country and sponge off it's riches, I would put it to you that there are more born and bred white British people who sponge off this 'countries riches' in proportion to the amount of immigrants that sponge.
  11. TrialByFire

    TERRORIST are invading ENGLAND

    Squirrel, I have a very good piece of advice for you: Buy a plane ticket to Afghanistan and go and live in the areas that these supposed 'illegal immigrants' are coming from for just 24 hours and then tell me that you do not want to come back to the UK, put your, ignorant, clearly unintelligent self in their shoes and tell me that if you were an innocent victim of war/tyranny that you would not do anything and everything you could to get your family and yourself out of that situation. I guarantee if you would rather stay in that country being subjected to the horrors that they have had to face, then you are one of two things: 1. A liar 2. Completely and irreversibly delusional. I saw that you posted in one of the other topics earlier that you are on the dole. Now I do not intend by any means to stereotype the sort of person that is on the dole, because I am sure that there are plenty of people who are on the dole who are actively searching for work but are unfortunate enough to have not found any (you may even fall into that category, I do not know). I will however say this: Once you are off the dole and actively contributing to society, that is when you have the right to make any comment about foreigners from any ethnic background coming to this country, until that moment is here, sure you are entitled to your own opinions, but keep them to yourself, as they are quite obviously radical, slanderous opinions that will offend a lot of hard working, very valued members of our proudly multi-cultural community.
  12. TrialByFire


    Since I stopped visiting regularly, I have failed my first year of sixth form, re sat it and came out of A-Levels with 3C's which just about got me into the university of Kent, then last year (academic) I failed my first year of uni and am currently re-sitting it... I guess old habits die hard...
  13. TrialByFire

    It feels like a long time.

    Aaaahhh good times Edit: @Gerard: Gangs making a comeback would be nice, although it would have to be carefully thought about and moderated. Perks for veterans would also be nice (not that I would call myself a veteran).
  14. only way this bonfire night could have been better is if I had watched V for Vendetta, that aside, cracking night with Helen Louisa Davies, Jake Blatchford, Maève Holden and Iain Duff

  15. first assignment of the year back, 79% not too shabby, I will take that.

  16. TrialByFire

    What are you currently playing?

    I am currently playing a lot of League of Legends and GTA IV/Episiodes from Liberty City
  17. TrialByFire

    the old guy..

    I agree with Hussain (btw you used to be Red Devil right?) even in the DLC for IV you only see Niko Bellic in the first cutscene in TLaTD and in one mission in TLaTD and only because it is a mission that you do as Niko in IV and do again in TLaTD from Jonny's perspective.
  18. TrialByFire

    First GTA V trailer is here!

    V Rock was in Vice City, hence V Rock.
  19. Actually made it to my lecture on time despite missing the bus I was supposed to get and the next one coming 20 mins late. Great success! Let's hope the rest of my day is as successful

  20. TrialByFire

    What generally do you play on?

    As consoles go I am (what some people may call me) a "Sony fan boy" I have always had some form of Playstation, currently I have a Playstation 3. That being said I mostly play games on my PC, which at the moment is good enough to run next gen games but will soon be outdated.
  21. TrialByFire

    It feels like a long time.

    Again in the same boat as TM, last time I was here I was a teenager, now, not so much. Good to be back, good to see the old faces back as well. Edit: Also quite excited about the changes that are coming Chris
  22. TrialByFire

    Comic Books/ Graphic Novels

    I have always liked the idea of comics/graphic novels but I wouldn't have the first clue which ones to read...
  23. TrialByFire

    Favorite Movies

    I know, I know lol, one of my uni mates does film studies and he almost had a heart attack when he found out xD
  24. TrialByFire

    First GTA V trailer is here!

    ^ Too fucking right mate.
  25. TrialByFire

    First GTA V trailer is here!

    So it could be continuing Tommy Vercetti's story in time to be released on VC's 10 year anniversary? Sounds possible...