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  1. TrialByFire

    What are you listening to right now?

    stadium arcadium - rhcp legendary
  2. TrialByFire

    9/11 Memories

    yh i no! i have a question tho... do u think that 9/11 justified the iraq war?
  3. TrialByFire


    i neva sed u cudnt i jus ment i didnt know if it was as hard to do it on ps3 as it was on ps2
  4. TrialByFire

    The Random Post Topic

    right u guys want some foriegn swearin? try this for size worcheck wur sormock shorta (spelt phonetically) translation: your face and your ass are the same. alternatively: worcheck wur harra shorta (spelt phonetically) translation: your face and shit are the same.
  5. TrialByFire

    i need help baddly!plz help me!

    right for the mission u are talkin about "jive drive" all u need to do is be a good shot and try to make sure you kill the bad guys before they reach lance. also beware once you have killed them all and are takin lance to his hotel he is often very slow to enter a vehicle so try to make sure you dont get busted! in reference to the rest u need to be patient and keep hammerin the missions and stuff...
  6. TrialByFire


    its called rockstar custom tracks but its alot harder to do it on consoles as opposed to a pc however i dont know if that is tru of the ps3...
  7. TrialByFire

    Today's GTA IV Preview Screenshots and Artwork

    that is very true on both accounts but mayb the poor boy hasnt got a 360 either? ne wayz surely by march u can get enuf money together to afford a ps3?????(to robsy btw)
  8. TrialByFire

    firefighter missions

    thanx, are you sure coz thats just loooooooooooong! any way thanx i thought it wud b 100 like the taxi missions but hey i'll try it and see what happens cheers again.
  9. TrialByFire

    What are you watching right now?

    8 mile, quality film! i know all the rap battles off by heart lol...
  10. TrialByFire

    What are you listening to right now?

    not heard it but i will take your word for it. also i have bn listenin to the marshal mathers lp, which is a bloody awesome album!
  11. TrialByFire

    What are you listening to right now?

    lose yourself - eminem he's quality!
  12. TrialByFire

    What social group(s) do you fit into?

    right chav means literally Council House And Violent. this is a generalisation but chavs are said to live in council houses and are extremely violent. however some say they cant fight for s**t. however u can always identify 1 coz the wear tracky bs and burberry (the wrong kind) with a lot of thich gold jewllery and use words like bear, neck, bruv, etc... so basically they are the ppl in ur school hu go around bullyin evry1 or stand in groups smokin. (this is a stereotype but is 95% accurate i wud say if i have offended any1 who fits some of these stereotypes and is not a chav i am sorry)
  13. TrialByFire

    your least favorite mission

    my least fav wud have to be zeros 2nd mission supply lines and the one where u have 2 chase down and kill officer pulaski basically coz the banditto is so weak and blows up easily! the best mission is reuniting the families basically coz i love ridin shotgun and takin down the police with the ak47!
  14. TrialByFire

    What social group(s) do you fit into?

    i no what u mean its the same with me and my friends. whereas in our school there are different groups like emos and chavs etc but me and my friends dont rele fall into any of those groups so i dunno what u wud call us... i suppose the word wud be normal? altho that is to say that evry1 else is abnormal which is a bit harsh but u no...
  15. TrialByFire

    What are you listening to right now?

    joyride - lips 106 (gta3) and the album stadium arcadium - red hot chilli pepers they kick ass
  16. TrialByFire

    Driving School

    surely u can do it its not that hard just make sure u dont role it and that keep counter steerin so u dont land on 4 wheels (its the one with banshee right?)
  17. TrialByFire


    fukin hell thats sounds amazin! btw has ne1 actually completed portable ops?
  18. TrialByFire

    WWE Wrestling

    i dunno y i just prefer matt, probably coz this whole feud with mvp has bn JOKES but i reckon he is a better wrestler...
  19. TrialByFire

    More GTA IV Details

    Yeah I forgot that one, but apart from that, I don't think any of them have been set in a specific month. The month may have been mentioned in a cut-scene, or opening cutscene eg VC and SA, but I don't think it mattered as much during gameplay. Until now, that is. to be exact it was october the 30th 1998 just fyi
  20. TrialByFire

    What should I get my Girlfriend :)

    to be fair most of the ideas (apart from the spend loads of money on her) have bn gd, i say what ever you get make it 100% personalised even if its not about you if its about somethin she rele cares about like savin the planet or somethin make it somethin that whenever she looks at it its gonna remind her of you. btw if sendin ur gf a lot of maney will impress i urge you to leave her coz its not worth the gapin hole in ur pocket!
  21. TrialByFire

    Good Quotes

    sgt martinez to vic vance: hey! your my bitch's bitch go figure that one out touhg guy! (although i do hate martinez)
  22. TrialByFire

    Solskjaer retires

    yh i no he is one of the few surviving treble winners of the l8 90s he will be sorely missed
  23. i like the way he is so undermining towards ken rosenberg, and the way he just doesnt like anyone
  24. TrialByFire

    More GTA IV Details

    well remembered mrLlamaLlama, october '98. wot website was that? ps. to all members, i was formerely w33l33 but i 4got my password and the password recovery thing didnt work so i just createda new account.