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  1. Hate to say it but yours is better in the explains.
  2. You guys are lucky fucks. I don't have the game yet. My dad will buy me it for PC and its coming out in October.
  3. It doesn't work for me. When I tried it, it didn't show it down right.
  4. Well mines is better for some reason. My Documents\GTA Vice City User Files\ Put a replace the save file of which of the one you wish to replace.
  5. Yo mama so stupid, she brought a spoon to super bowl! Yo mama so fat, she tried sky diving and when she pulled the lever, it couldn't work because of all her weight! Yo mama so stupid, she bought GTA:SA just drive around with the car called ForkLifter. Yo mama so high, she had short term memory lost.
  6. You guys are so fucking lucking. My dad said he won't but the game for me because its +18 and older :'( . Only if it was +17 and older like the other old GTA's. I also don't have a Xbox360 or PS3. I heard that it will come out on October in the late 2008 for PC. I'll buy it for PC but will have to wait for 7 FUCKING MONTHS. The least I can do is watch gameplays of it on youtube to make me feel better.
  7. Cool! Did you buy it? Did they turn it in on time?

  8. It only works on PSP. Why don't you just buy one?
  9. I saw that... Is that the GTA:III main character in the pic at the left of Tommy?
  10. I just did it and it works now! YES! Thank you Urbanoutlaw for you help! But does this also works on Vista? (I just added you to my friends list)
  11. Does it work on XP? I'm running XP so can you help me on the installation.
  12. GTA:VCS is before GTA:VC. GTA:VC is after GTA:VCS. Read the back of your cover.
  13. I have XP and after I install it, it won't work. It just keeps on letting the CD icon keep on rotating but doesn't load up the .exe. Any help or advises?
  14. So heres what happen, when I click on the .exe file, it shows the rotating CD, but then after a few 30 sec or 10, it just keeps spinning without opening the .exe file. WTF?! I got LOTS of errors. I also uncheck the box but it still can't load up the .exe file. Anymore advises?
  15. Can someone help me with the installation? Every time I'm done installing it and start up GTA:VC, it stops. Also when I restart the computer it just lets the CD keep rotating. I unchecked the box that says, ''GTA:VC Radio Station'' Is that it? Or am I suppose to get it installed? Where am I suppose to install the GTA:VC Radio Station?
  16. Just for advertising GTA:IV there? wow. I'm covering my children's eyes if I see it.
  17. Was that video made by you? That was hella cool!
  18. So sad that I don't have an HD TV. But I'm getting the PS3. I'm gonna join that when I get the HD TV and the PS3.
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