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  1. randomman

    Can't Use The Forums

    good well as your a mod shouldnt you have locked it then.
  2. randomman

    help with vice

    I cant understand most of that but OK you might aswell
  3. randomman

    Is San Andreas The Best GTA Game Ever?

    Yeah i agree. its just got something that the other two havent. you know what i mean?
  4. randomman

    IPB forums

    Is a invision power board that is free an IF
  5. randomman

    Introduce Yourself..

    Welcome. Im glad to see you like it
  6. randomman

    The ^<v Game

    ^ has a good sig <doesnt have a per parrot but 3 cats v probably has a dog
  7. randomman


    Im definatly not buying it the first day it comes out cos it'll be like £180 and im waiting tell christmas because of either a.My parents will but me it for christmas or B. if they dont then my christmas money will be sufficiant enough and the price cheap enough for me to get one
  8. randomman

    Do you think GTA4 should have Grove st. ?

    This is now my favorite word ever. on topic: of cource not what would be the point . It would just be like GTA: San andreas after the builders have moved out.
  9. randomman

    help with vice

    I t could be your comp itself. A virus/spyware anything small or even if your comps too crappy it might not work
  10. randomman

    what do you do

    MOD PC GAMES MAKE PC GAMES PLAY PC GAMES PLAY GTA PLAY ON THE PS2(but i havent since march) FISHING(occasionaly) HMMM OTHER STUFF And thats about it ha ha ha
  11. randomman

    Free Sweets

    i doesnt/shouldnt appeal to anyone. Most people (if there going to make a living out of it) search the web for money/advertisng not for sweets ffs
  12. randomman

    Free Sweets

    HMMM how crap. No offence but it is
  13. randomman

    Flash or Visual Basic

    Well with flash you can make much better games and animations but for porgramming overall id definatly say VB.
  14. randomman


    All it is is newbie area and news. 2/10 and consider yourself lucky for getting even that. Im not joining
  15. randomman

    Flash or Visual Basic

    VB is easy to learn...ish
  16. randomman

    help with vice

    Hmmm could be but very unlikely. Its more probably a file/disk error than a pyhsical problem but i dunno
  17. randomman

    Grand Theft Auto Ireland 1year old...

    It seems to big and professional to be that young
  18. randomman

    Flash or Visual Basic

    Well im sorry but the PC topics are so inactive nowadays
  19. randomman

    how to TELEPORT!

    And can you choose at which altitute(height0 you teleport at?
  20. randomman

    Can't Use The Forums

    Oh sorry but i thought it was
  21. randomman

    Flash or Visual Basic

    Yeah so would i (like to learn c++) but yeah anyway i'd say VB is better, and by far.
  22. randomman

    Can't Use The Forums

    Shouldnt this be locked now then
  23. randomman

    Our Fantastic Forums

    Is there anywhere were you can advertise your non GTA forums jason ?
  24. randomman


    Need i say more.
  25. randomman

    Tommy V or CJ

    I would say T.V most people who vote CJ are sterotypical but not all of them coz i dont want to sound sterotypical myself