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  1. I would say you should've posted this in the wishlist topic. And you made two old topic bumps, one's 3 weeks old, the other 6 months. I don't think anything "Paranormal" would be in GTA4, but if it does I'll try enjoy hunting it down.
  2. I was surprised that I voted in this poll until realizing there was a 3 month bump. There's two other lines (in the same cutscene, misssion Lure I think) where he talked about his 'terrible' experience. "Once I was swimming at the Santa Maria, I got condom stuck to my face!" and when he asked Woozie "You do know that I'm Black right, not Chinese?" LOL imagine a Chinese with speaking with black accent and slang.
  3. Allriight.... Since he's correct and did not ask any question... How old was Claude when he first met Catalina? P.S: I'm going to bed now, had a long day. I'll try reply to any answers as soon as possible, school tomorrow. Or you can go on ask another question if you're impatient.
  4. There was a war between you and the guys? Oh man, what more have I missed out on?
  5. Didn't know they made announcements. How sad, for me. I'm going to miss the characters and San Andreas. I was hoping to one day see a good game version of L.A/L.S in the GTA series. Aw well, things change. Thanks anyway, Zino.
  6. Huh??? Why am I on your 'blacklist'. *Being polite* Maybe you misunderstood my previous post. In the first paragraph I told you to talk to your parents. In the second I was talking about my budgets, nothing related to you. "Opposite of COD" means, I'm opposite of you. You have the money, but your parents disallow you to use em. My parents allow me, but I don't have the money. Get it? *Still being polite* Reputation/respect is vital, thus I'm saving mine.
  7. COD whats ignorant about owning a game console? A rich friend of mine has PS2, Xbox and 360... Freak. I don't find him ignorant. Just talk it out with them, parents are easy. Well, some are. X360 uses dual layered DVDs right? That's twice the memory as the PS2, probably would satisfy me, considering it to be merely the first of the GTA4 series console-wise. Unfortunately, I won't be getting PS3 til like summer 2007, and that's the only console I'll own, would sell my PS2 for a lower price, opposite of COD, it's not the ignorance, it's the financial issues...
  8. Then get one. Would the X360 be able to handle this? Gotta be honest, the PS3 can hold almost (or more than) 2 times the memory than the X360. (Sorry, I don't memorize the specifications) I dono for PC, I use it for surfing, forumming, chatting, blogging, nothing else.
  9. I may not know this guy well, since I only watched just a couple of movies he played in. He did a good job voicing as Officer Pulaski. I will pay my condelences to all his close ones and fans. Look on the bright side, he's in a better place now. *Takes hat off* (Fake hat, though)
  10. So you're basically saying one main urban city and a few other suburbs spread across the map with different countrysides between them? How big? I think I get the picture, good idea, though.
  11. Well, as for huge cities, you memorize this part, you memorize the next, and the next, and you forget some that you haven't been in for a while. Therefore, it's still the same. Yay. Do I need to applaud myself again?
  12. If you think about it, the smaller the city, the faster you get bored of it(cos you'll know your way around so quickly), the larger, you don't get bored fast(much more to explore). So it's about same. Right? Yay, me..
  13. Coincidence? My friend gave me a flu last Friday...
  14. 4 or 5 colossal cities would be possible but less details and interiors. But even if it's possible, it's gonna take a while for R* to produce that...
  15. Lol I wasn't expecting anyone at all to vote that. You do know how small Fierro is right? They would be like towns instead of cities. Nevermind, voters please leave comments too.
  16. So simple pick what you prefer. Assuming the map to be around 6-7 times the size(2.5x length and breadth average, you know your Maths) of SA (since this is next-gen). And in between cities there would be countryside, but this poll discusses cities only. (Yea, I consider San Fierro to be "Very Small" and LS "small" since this is (repeating myself) next-gen.) For myself, I would pick 2 very large cities, I just like big cities, rather than many. Vote seriously, ok?
  17. LOL, I love blonde jokes. Send some more!
  18. San Andreas 100%. Judging just by the theme and story alone, if I include everything else, lol. I'm not really fond of gangsta-rap, but I really liked the combination of the characters in the game. Vice City didn't really mesmerize me much.
  19. I'd always wanted to post this but kept forgetting and fortunately today I finally remembered. This is regarding the cities and settings for the oncoming GTAs on PS3. I need some comment on my post too, these are merely MY OPINIONS..... Alright I NEVER played GTA on PS1 (yeah, what a shame), but I heard that there were London, SA and VC. This is what I think: The GTA4 Trilogy would include London, LCS, VC, SA and perhaps a couple of new cities. Reason is that PS1's GTA1 trilogies had those cities, so did PS2's GTA3. The difference is that the game is immensely expanded, both in size and detail. So GTA4 on the PS3 would probably do the same. What do you guys think? Or has this been posted before? I haven't been on the internet much these few months.
  20. We should be able to customize the camera position to our own preference ourselves, y'know, the distance, angle, etc. I couldn't get a perfect camera view for SA. It was either too near or too far.
  21. Uhh, no one help him? If you completed the last mission then you don't get to see the SWAT tank again. As for the Go Kart there are 2 locations I know. One is right outside Madd Dogg's mansion, just at the main doorstep, you'll find it. The second one is at San Fierro's (better known Francisco)'s Windy, Windy street street, it's at the top where you'll see a flight of stairs. There should be a Go Kart parked at the top of the stairs.
  22. Ahhahha... I knew this was a really old topic. Jonny Vercitti bumped it when it was 20 days old, and then bumped again by LilTermite after 2 months, wow. Don't mind me, just that the votes made me wanna post, it's 32:33, still wanting Carl to win, though.
  23. Whoa I haven't been reading these GTA: San Andreas forums in a while and I'll admit I'm quite surprised to find that some are still going through the storyline. If I were you, reading westgate's post, I wouldn't be too clear, (no offense) I'm just here to help out. Getting armor is really simple, just find a gun symbol (on your map, of course) which represents Ammunation, where you can buy armor for $200. For Big Smoke's mission, all you have to do is the keep as much to the right side of the tracks. Logic will help you here, if you keep too close to the train obviously Smoke can't possibly shoot the guys on top of the train.
  24. Umm,,, this a tough one,, well, Ryder.
  25. If it wasn't for the internet, I would have NEVER completed SA, I'd bet many of you wouldn't too. 250 hidden items in total, I wouldn't be able to do that, searching through every corner in a 3-dimensional map, that's 99% impossible.
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