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  1. That would be awesome. I would like to be able to enter most of the downtown buildings, especially the skyscrapers if possible. The airports should be much more active, people buying tickets, boaring, alighting, collecting their luggages, etc. In other words what I most want to see in the next GTAs is actually feeling like the world is really alive, living and breathing. Where I don't get bored exploring.
  2. 50 gigabytes. I don't think that should be a problem. Not really, they only made it easier to get away by reducing the cops/FBI's vehicle acceleration. It was crazy surviving 5 stars in Vice City. But they did take away the spike strips, though. That's what I would do if it happens to me in real life. Panic, drive, escape the scene and survive, even if it means wrecking the car. I don't know why the desire for this isn't high, it's something I've been strongly hoping for. At least someone's with me. That's too many for the PlayStation 10.
  3. Edds


    Just like ice-skating, they get judged on a scale of 1 to 10. Depending on how stylish they do it.
  4. Edds


    Hmm... Don't you think the Olympics should consider this as one of their 'sports'? I mean, it's really awesome, one of my school cliques does it. I never get bored watching them.
  5. Whuh? Sorry but I don't know how you guys get it, but I don't understand anything. What angle? Get rid of what? What zooms back? The car camera angle is.. Perfectly fine.
  6. Eheh? Lol? I don't date girls, I never had a date, my friends tell me it's a disappointment for a 15-year-old, but hell I don't really care what they say. Whoa, I dono what made you imply that, but just for the record, NO.
  7. The rhino has the ultimate armor, the only thing that makes it explode is catching fire, which I believe it supposingly overheats the engine and boom. I like the idea on more sports, peds should also play some sports, to add life into the game. The idea of multiple storyline paths is, to me, dumb. I'll prefer GTA to go on with one storyline per game. Customizing your characters in detail with haircuts, tatoos, clothings, etc. would be great. But NOT his looks, eyes, lips, skin color, NO. His natural looks shouldn't be fixed, except for muscle and fat. I'm surprised you got one of my high-desired wishes. The random pedestrian one. If pedestrians would spawn in random faces, height, size, clothes (separate torso, pants), instead of spawning the whole human character, we're going to see an infinite number of different-looking peds.
  8. You're a pretty rich guy. I can barely afford anything above $100, iPod video is probably around.. I dono, 500? I got a 512KB mp3 as a gift from a cousin, since he already has his own iPod video. Gosh, everyone around me owns what I'm craving for... Enjoy your shooting trip without music anyway.
  9. I never expected you to post anything like this, although it's nice to feel the serious, or sentimental side of you. I had many crushes since I was 9, probably one in every two years. I'm currently 15, so I probably had 3 or 4. As for myself, I never had a relationship, and not planning to get into one soon. I know it's not right having relationships at this age, I'm still too young for that, but I'm pretty sure I know how this so called "true love" is like. I read the whole post, I didn't understand 100% of it, but I think I still got most of the picture. Thanks for sharing.
  10. One of my friends bought it, he's had it for 2 months now and so far he has no problems with it. You probably got unlucky, why are you going to the desert anyway?
  11. Did I say it was a rule? You're just the type who wants to have the last word. I'm not gonna try "explain" anything anymore, you're impossible possible and but I'm lazy. I'm around 5'11 and a half... At least I'm still growing.
  12. Just wondering... Is it an offense to bump old ###### topics?
  13. LOL. This is one thing you don't understand. Being new to the forums and scolding people will just earn you more disrespect. Older members (Like her since early 2004) have their sense of familiarity with one another, you don't. Trying to "humor" around like that won't do you any good. Just explaining to you on how 'human humor' works, errrrr.... bigfoot.
  14. If you really fancy street racing. There is Need For Speed. Grand Theft Auto is generally about all sorts of criminal activities.
  15. I don't really enjoy pointing out people breaking forum rules but you bumped a 5+ month old topic. Hopefully you did it unintentionally. You think your idea is the best, but I couldn't read any further than the first paragraph. Not to be impolite your idea isn't bad, or good, just average. I would still like the future GTA games to be set in London and North America. I personally don't want to have any of the next GTAs set in Asia. I have nothing against Asia but I just like the western theme of crime, or Grand Theft Auto, BUT if it's still set in Asia I'll just have to go along with it. Most people would say "North America has run out of famous cities", but as I said once before, in my opinion I think since this is a new console, the cities would be expanded in size and detail. By the time we've played through all the cities on the PS3/X360 it will be the next generation. I'll emphasize this again, this is merely my personal speculation.
  16. Don't know, I wasn't fully awake when I posted that. Right now too, sleepy. Is not caring about your reputation ignorance? I am feeling sleepy. I don't like sleeping, even though I have to. Didn't know you were dating him thought just real-life friends. I'm gonna get myself a cup of hot chocolate and try to stay awake. The weekdays are ending w00t...
  17. I don't know what badmington is, or maybe Spaz' right you spelled it wrong on purpose. I don't understand how you can actually play with a computer. I LOVE eggs. Implying on other people's arrogance is arrogance. Not caring what other people think about you is ignorance. Edit: You're still a weird bigfoot-loving person to me.
  18. No. You will have to ask any staff member first. Or I might be wrong, I don't really care I risk as little as possible. Sabin you're full of strange captioned pics...
  19. Nope, I dislike your taste in music. Nothing against you, really.
  20. Eh.. What the -- LOL @ Akuma btw... I don't know how to describe myself. I dislike trying to describe myself but can't. I get a headache when I can't do something I tried hard to do. Now I have a headache... Oh one more description. I dislike people that stick to one music genre.
  21. Don't post in old topics, especially those that are in page 2 or deeper. Make sure your post is long enough to be considered a real 'post' don't just reply with a "yeah" and that's it, that would be taken as a spam. Just make sure whatever you're typing makes sense and isn't pointless. You're a weird person.
  22. Ok, now I'll define "old bump" for you. Before posting, look at the previous reply, check it's date, when it was posted. If you feel it's old, then do not post. How old is old? You decide. You're still weird to me, bigfoot guy.
  23. Whuh? Why are you obsessed about bigfoot? You're really weird. Really.
  24. There was a ghost car, but CJ's mom's ghost??? You probably saw a real ghost in your TV. *OMFG I JUST FREAKED MYSELF NOW I CAN'T GO TO SLEEP IT'S frolicking 2AM* You did it, you did it! It's another one of my friggin' phobia! *Switches lights on*
  25. What do you mean performing a roll instead of landing? - Car modifications (maybe additions this time?) - Gambling - Indoor/Outdoor sports like Billiards and basketball. (maybe add Golf this time?) - Character would fidget more when uncontrolled. - Triathlon races!
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