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  1. Yeah I Know. I Was Just Letting Everyone Know What Cool Stuff Would Stay In The Game. Nothing About Being Lazy.
  2. Take A Picture Of The TV screen If You Got A Camera
  3. The Transfender Doesn't Mod Sultans But Wheel Arch Angels Does. It's East Of The San Fierro Transfenders. Not Really. All I Had To Do Was Stand In Front Of 1 Car. The Cars On That Road Are Crazy. San Andreas Has Some Weird Glitch Where All The Cars Speed Round Insainly! I Think It's A Glitch from All The Cheats I've Entered. 1. I Find The Easiest Way Is To Right Click The bmp And Click Open With And Select Microsoft Paint And Save It As A jpg. 2. What Is You Img Size And Where Are You Trying To Upload It To? I Find FileDen Is Great For Uploading Anything. It Has A Max. Upload Size Of 50mb And 5GB Free Storage!
  4. Nah, You Can't Get In Trains :-( But Havn't You Tried Getting On Top Of One And Doing Drive By's? It's Sooo Fun!
  5. I Was Just On Top Of A Tram Doing Drive By's When I Blew Up A Car And The Wheel Hit Me :-D! It Knocked Me Off The Tram And I Died :-(
  6. Nice Effect! Check This Out! I Was On A Road With People Speeding Around Bizzarly. I Couldn't Move It, I Couldn't Get In It And I Couldn't Blow It Up!
  7. Nah, I'm Just Tryna Help People Get An Idea Of What Is Going To Be In The Game. Such As Eating Stats, Playing Pool And Playing Go Go Space Monkey!
  8. This Information Is Based On The Screenshots Rockstar Have Given Us. You Will Still Need To Eat To Live. But Don't Eat To Much. Mmmmmm! Cluckin' Bell Is In The Game! Drink Plenty Of Sprunk! Lap It All Up To Gain Energy. With All Those Tall Buildings There Must Be A Parachute In The Game! Air Transport Is Supposed To Be Better. But If You Have No Flying Skill You Can Just Hang Onto The Bottom Of The Helicopter. Strip Clubs May Be Included. Fighting Moves Will Get Better. Think 'True Crime'. Exporting Cars May Be Included As A Sub-Mission. Wall Creeping. And More Realistic Deaths. Abillity To Change Clothes. Faster Loading Times And A Bigger Map? Secret Underwater Places?
  9. I Just Found A Definate Sign Of Sprunk! Look Along The Side Of The Picture. It's Definatly A Sprunk Advertisement.
  10. GTA IV Is Going To Change Alot. But I've Spotted Some Things That Rockstar Have Copied Form San Andreas In This Bar Picture The Guys Pants Say Didiers Sa... Most Definatly Like Didier Sachs From San Andreas. Didier Sachs Is A Clothes Store In San Andreas (Even Though There Is Only One Dider Sachs In The Whole State. And The Clothes There Are Rubbish!) Also On The Guys Neck Is An Africa Pendant. Just Like The One You Can Buy From Binco's In san Andreas. The Pool Table In The Background Looks Very Similar To The San Andreas One (Except For Better Quality). Horay! Go Go Space Monkey Is In The Background! Hopefully We Will Be Able To Play The Good Ol' Video Game. I Admit I Liked The Bumble Bee Game In San Andreas lol. The Bottles In The Bar Look Like The Ones From San Andreas. I Suspect A Few Beer Adverts Will Be In The Game Too With The Possibility Of A Nice Can Of Sprunk! Please Post Any More Things You See As I Am Trying To Make A GTA IV Section On My Website.
  11. I Like All The Comments He Makes With His Girlfriend(s). And "When I Was Young, Swimming In The Ravine. I Once Got A Comdom Stuck To My Face!"
  12. You Will Gain 1% If Your Relationship Score Is Above 50%. But Lose 1% If It's Below 50%.
  13. The Easiest Way To Gain Relationship Score: Make Sure You Have 2 Controllers Plugged In. Take Her On A Good Date. When You Drive Her Home She Will Go Inside. After She Does The 2 Player Icon Will Linger For A While. Run Up To It Quick And Tap A Button On The Player 2 Controller. You Will Then Get Extra Points If You Had A Good Date. This Way You Will Get 100% 2X As Fast!
  14. No. It's All HTML. What Do You Mean By Pretending To Be The San Andreas Site? It's A Link Problem It Think. Just Type: http://gtag.awardspace.com In Your Address Bar. I Was Thinking Of Doing To Hover Link Thing But I'm Trying To Get My Site On Before Christmas First. I'll Update It After Christmas. I Might Even Make It A Flash Website, I've Always Wanted To Make One. As I Said: It's Not Finished Yet! Lame Ass Motherfucker!
  15. So, You All Didn't Like My Website. You All Didn't Give Me A Chance. Who Will Have The Last Laugh Now... http://gtag.awardspace.com/ Ok, I've Not Finished It. But How Is It For A 13 Year Old Who Coded It All Himself With No Money And No Help Eh? I'm Now Using Awardspace But When I Upgrade Then I Will .co.nr-erize it. lol. So Thanks For Believing In Me A**holes!
  16. Because the creators of pretty much every website you visit did.... Good For Them. And, just quit arguing guys. Connor, if you think his site's sucky, then just voice your opinion once and leave it, if at all. Deji, being argumentative and not taking to C&C won't make people want to join GTAG's... I Don't Want People To Join. I Was Seeing If Anyone Else Wanted To Join And Have Fun, Until They All Turned It Into An Argument. Regardless of whether it's a profile or not, it's still a website... no matter how you label it. No matter whether it's hosted with piczo ( ) or you created it / coded it yourself.... it's still a website... My very own website is free, however i have searched around and found the best free host that would accomodate my needs. You don't just have to stick with hosts that give you templates / software to create a site. My advice is to be willing to learn, and experiment a little.
  17. Duh! Read It Again. CAREFULLY!
  18. Lol, You Need To Be Taught What A Website Is... Read Carefully: Web-Site (A Site On The Web) This Site Is A Profile. Anyway This Aint A Chatroom... Stop Makin Annoying Pop-Ups On My Computer. lol.
  19. Oh, Well. You Suck Ass. And What The Hell Is All This About Owning Myself?
  20. It's Not Even A Website, It's A Profile For The GTAG Club. Site Don't Need To Put Money In To Make It Good. Money Just Makes It Better. EXAMLE: www.street-chat.co.nr Oh, Look It's A Piczo Site. With No Money Put Towards It.
  21. I Dissagree. Anyway If I HAd Any I'd Put All The Money In The World For It And Charge You All £15 For Using Site! Good For You... I Don't. Well If Non Of Ya'll Like It You Don't Have To Join. Why Should I Have To Pay To Give All Ya'll Something Fun To Do? It's Your Loss If Ya Don't Join.
  22. I Aint Made Of Money, I Am One Person, I've Tried Using Other Hosts But They Didn't Work Or Just Aren't Good Enough, If I Ever Get $180 Or Whatever I'll Make It A .com Site, Okay? I've Put All The Effort In The World For This. Sorry If You Don't Understand It, It's Been Really Hard Making It, The Website Is Nearly Finished Though. It Will Take Up To A Few Weeks Or So Before It's Ready To Open. You Will Understand It When I've Set It Up.
  23. I've Been Working On Something For A While Now And Decided To Start Telling People About It. Im Hoping People Will Be Interested The Gang Will Be Making Stunt Video's Or Hosting Stunt/Racing Competitions Or Solving Myths/ Finding Myths Or Finding Fun Things To Do In San Andreas As Well As Getting Access To Certain Group Activities. The Gang/Club Of GTA Is Members Called The GTAG's (Grand Theft Auto Gangsta's). If You Sign Up You Will Have To Start At The 'New Guy' Rank And Slowly Proceed Higher In The Chain. The Group May Spread Around To Different Places. Currently Youtube And Website Sections Exist (My Username Is DJDeji69 On Youtube). I Am Working On Setting The Gang Up On GTA Online/MP. Anyone Who Messes Around Innappropriately Will Get Warnings And Get Their Rank Lowered. If They Proceed To Muck Up Other Members' Fun Then They Will Be Thrown Out Of The Group. Anyone Who Does Good Things, Helps Other Members, Gives Good Content (Such As Making Good Stunt Video's) Will Get Higher Points Leading To Higher Ranks. You Will Have To Sign Up At www.gtag.piczo.com/ Once You Sign Up There Your Welcome To All The GTAG Sections (If You Don't Have The Same Username You Will Need To Tell Me Your Email Address. The Bosses Are Me (Deji- Pronounced Day-G), And Any Lieutenants Or Co-Leaders. Once I Get Past A Certain Level On This Site, I'll Set It Up Here Aswell. What Dya Think?
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