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  1. Hey man think you could pass Zero's missions and the driving school for me please. =\ They suck! Thanks heaps brother, http://gtasnp.com/6712
  2. Antichrist

    RATE Person above you

    Avatar-9/10 Good shit. Signature- 9/10 Because of the mad quote. Personality 9/10 Iunno the bloke.
  3. Antichrist

    What are you listening to right now?

    Slaves Shall Serve-Behemoth(Any Aussies seen them yet?)
  4. Antichrist

    Missions you would like to see in GTA IV

    Niko should have to stab some motherfucker in the throat with a knife.
  5. I will do them for you later this afternoon when I'm near my computer. Thanks man, I just tried them again got the the last freaking bike on Zero's mission and ran out of fuel! =\.
  6. Antichrist

    Word Association

  7. Antichrist

    Holden VS Ford

    71 XY GTHO Phase III, 'Nuff Said.
  8. Antichrist

    Word Association

  9. Hey man. HAha im back again . Probs you biggest costumer. Haha think you could help me with A Jizzy B or Zero Mission or Both if you love me enough =] http://gtasnp.com/6671 Thanks brah.
  10. Antichrist

    What are you listening to right now?

  11. Antichrist

    Work for a good skin modder

    You mean Velvet Revolver, Slash hasn't played for GNR since 94'
  12. Antichrist

    Guitars - Bass!

    Guitar. I play an ESP MH-50. Best guitar imo ive played. I take influence from Buckethead, Alexi Laiho, Kirk Hammett, Jeff Hanneman, Kerry King and abit from Eddie Van Halen. I'll get a pick of my baby uip here soobn
  13. Antichrist

    San Andreas Girlfriends

    Hmmm...Are the Oysters easy for the shit eyesighted?
  15. I guessed Europe like Ukraine/Russia area.
  16. Antichrist

    Annual Awards

    Yeah awards would be cool. If there is more important things then awards. They should go ahead first but yeah awards would be a good fun thing.
  17. Sure, I'll do it right now. Robbing Uncle Sam Mission Passed!: I stored the Bulletproof Forklift and the Explosionproof Mule from the mission in The Johnson House Garage, just for fun. It didn't affect your Stats at all to obtain them, so you can get rid of them if you want. They're parked next to your Loco Low Savanna. http://gtasnp.com/download/6573 NO CHEATS were used. Enjoy. Thanks bro. Hahah Always fun to run over people in a Bulletproof Forklift!
  18. hey man think you could pass ryders missiong something uncle sam lol. http://gtasnp.com/6565
  19. Damn right im cool (Y)

  20. I will do that right now. Wrong Side of the Tracks Mission Passed!: I stored the Sanchez from the mission inside the Johnson House garage, just in case you wanted it. http://gtasnp.com/download/6343 NO CHEATS were used. Enjoy. Thanks man sorry for the late reply been busy (Y)
  21. Antichrist

    Death penalty

    Yeah, you could kill all the Portugal population and get only 25 years. One of the many reasons this country sucks. Same with Australia, the max sentence is 25 years.
  22. For instance long black hair, black leather clothes band shirt etc. Like i've seen some Pantera and shit but thats not my sort of metal something like Dimmu, Children Of Bodom, Slayer? Anyone else know if there is any skins like this?
  23. Antichrist

    'Hot Coffee' Settlement imminent, says Take Two

    Compare it to 50 cents style of rapping Thats all about murder, sex, yet nobody has kicked him from radio play.
  24. Antichrist

    Big Community Thread

    Dunno why she got angry, I used to say those kind of jokes to my ex and never got a negative reaction. But haven't got some pussy from her either I'd classify myself as an agnostic (they don't give a fuck whether there's a god or not, they don't bother themselves with that). Perhaps you're that too. Cause satanists have their idol, but it's not the God. They do give a fuck about religion. As for music, that's just being low on info. Metal is educational (lyrics!!!) and not to mention probably the hardest out of all popular music to play. Metal never makes me angry. It relaxes me and makes me feel much better. I'm actually a pretty calm person, unless when it comes to playing some fast paced games on hardest difficulty. Haha she didn't really get angry. She just looked at me like i was being a tool. I thought it was hilarious. Fuck yeah i noticed your into metal by having Roy and Slayer as your name . Haha fuck that hardest difficulty can lick my balls. I have no time for that shit. I could be Agnostic, Honestly. I don't know what to prove. Give me some physical evidence a banana and some ducktape and i'll believe anything. Not necessarily man, Buddhists don't wars (I'm a Buddhist myself, and yes, I enjoy playing GTA, CS, AA, Mortal Combat, Star Wars, BF, and a lot of other violent games). I'm a getting a haircut today (hopefully). I take that back then about the religion thing. "Christianity and fuck whatever that one Arabs believe in Hindu i'm not sure like i said i don't care about it" They are main bogus ones.
  25. Antichrist

    Show us your guns!

    Check out these bad boys And yes they do require a licence