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  1. its ok so please continue your job! now im very interest with your mods SO PLEASE MAKE MORE!
  2. i think if GTA IV had liberty city improved, i think vice city will improved too!(and san andreas)
  3. big daddy...yesterday your sig is lost ...im really angry with that so i had viewed your profile and find your website and finally i founded...thanks for your profile
  4. big daddy...wheres your sig?
  5. im The Kings (actually is Godfather but i use GXT editor to edit it to The Kings)
  6. dont use the winRAR or zip file wheile installing cars...extract them first and put them into a folder easy to use it
  7. use GTA Mod Installer v0.5 to convert it download link:http://www.thegtaplace.com/downloads/file.php?id=455
  8. hey yo!!! there is no M4 in 1984! theres only M16 in 1984
  9. yo! as i post i said that LCS is not Mafia Sentinel but is Leone Sentinel the hunter is also my getaway car!
  10. hello...im saying the LCS things and i said VCS things too
  11. lol....i had modded the default.ide file but more special cars than yours...i had hotring racer,bloodring banger,sandking,mr whoopee,cuban hermes,gang burrito,angel and zebra cab
  12. dude...why must you replace it with the sabre turbo?
  13. yo!! MultiTheftAuto v0.5 installation runner got virus!!! some pictures to prove
  14. teach u.... rename your GTA Vice City installation folder to Grand Theft Auto Vice City(hmm...its bug of the D-Magics Wheels Mod) and u may install already
  16. whoa! whoa! i like your improved Infernus and your wheels must be the GTA VC XBox 360 Wheels because i have download before the better textures file in GTAGarage
  17. can you help me convert the SA Banshee to replace the VC one? PLEASE!!! :'( :'(
  18. lol....LCS is Leone Sentinel however mine is the VCPD Cheetah,Barracks OL,Rhino,Infernus,Cheetah and PCJ600
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