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  1. I'm going to Macedonia, Serbia, Bulgaria and Greece.
  2. You can swear. But if you have an outbreak you get a warning.
  3. Го рече во Англиски? или Македонски
  4. Who said we're complaining? We're just discussing it's failure
  5. Everyone we have a new member trickstar34 he is the only one from GTAF that has regged here, thanks to me. He's really nice, and he's sick of GTAG and GTAF's spammers. So I brought him to the best place in the world. Be nice to him. Try to guess his age
  6. lol yeh YellowJacket Like 1000 GTAF'ers registered there in the last 24 hours, and have spammed it up. And who made this into a hot topic? Thought you guys didn't care haha
  7. 270 000 + members, quick replies, very active
  8. dw bout it warrior They would just make this place suck look what i did when i was a n00b here lol
  9. lol i think that was just april fools joke but this time its serious
  10. Ok, I hear they're making v2.... sounds cool
  11. They gave me a second chance. lol It'll be GTAGaming So many new people there in the last day
  12. Yesterday the GTAF went down, and i think it's the end of it People are discussing it here and also: lol as if you guy's would care, but some ppl here are members there
  13. So apparently a woman who missed her Air France 447 flight dies in a car crash. That is some Final Destination freaky shit http://www.kplr11.com/news/wghp-story-avoi...story?track=rss
  14. lol raybob95 I made an account in 2007, saw it was complete shit rubbish, never played it again
  15. I was playing, and I randomly saw a heli in underground, but its propellers were above ground. Heres a video
  16. lol thanks more from GTAF: This was ages ago though
  17. I've come across funny quotes alot, around the internet. Here are some No Dipshit its 180. If you did a 360 you'd be right back where you started This ones from GTAF when I was asking where to find a Tug, in GTA IV: Didn't you hear? Ratman, Lola and the Sprunk factory ghost are taking a cruise around the waters of Liberty City in their boat - The HMS Fingerless. post yours
  18. Your Bulgarian? Здравейте Хаха, аз не съм Българин, но знам малко да говоря Тук няма Българи, не мисля. Има 2-3 Македонци (мене) но, не знам дали ще го даунлодат Тука: http://www.gtaforums.com има Българи, и повече хора
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