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  1. I sure hope there is a classic rock, or heavy metal station. If they only have a crappy indie or emo rock station, im gonna be fucking pissed.
  2. I just got a brilliant idea. Someday, i am going to throw a bunch of dead rats at Gordon Brown (prime minister). Maybe ill throw some at the queen too, or is that just going too far?
  3. Oh god, i just done a shit, and a bit of toilet water splashed up past my legs, and hit me in the face.
  4. The massive number of racist, bigots (from all different races) you get on youtube is just unbelievable. And do the admins take any action? no. It really makes me angry.
  5. I once threw a dead rat at my cousin.
  6. I have always wanted to have lucid dreams. I sometimes become aware that i am dreaming, but i have never been able to take control of them, i usually just wake up.
  7. So let me get this straight, this woman was stuck in a toilet for 2 years? what the fuck?
  8. ah, good old Raymond. anyone here missing him? didnt think so
  9. T2's share holders can force them to merge with EA? Now i dont know a thing about the business world, but what kind of a fucked up system is that when T2's bosses dont even have full say over what happens in their own company? First Jack Thompson tries to get GTA banned, now EA threaten to ruin everything good about it. Fate seems to be totaly against GTA.
  10. I think its a glock. The trigger guard is the wrong shape for a beretta, shame though cos i like berettas more. But meh, what are you gonna do...
  11. Cant you just open the garage door with good old fashioned manual labour?
  12. i like to eat puppies. the more adorable they are, the better they taste
  13. I went to see that movie "Juno" yesterday, i really wish i hadnt. Normaly i wouldnt go within 10 miles of that kind of film, but i got dragged along cos it was my cousins birthday, and she wanted to take all the family to see it. Anyway all these critics that said it was "the best film of the year" must be retarded or very dull, because that was the most boring load of shite i have ever watched in my life.
  14. This is why R* are so awesome. You dont see EA doing this for any of their games.
  15. right now, im eating an easter egg, before its even easter sunday/monday. TAKE THAT, CONFORMIST SOCIETY
  16. You want to know how to put a car in that area, am i right? You need a program called "vice city mission builder" here the link, http://www.thegtaplace.com/downloads/file.php?id=532
  17. How the hell did he survive that? But what a brave guy, im sure his dad is proud of him.
  18. Its time for me to come out of the closet. I AM
  19. I first played gta 1 around the time it came out. I think i was about 7.
  20. holy shit, they guy who thought up this word has way to much time on their hands.
  21. Nice, i like it. The cleaned up mansions look really good.
  22. Dont start stiring up shit, man. Nothing good ever comes from arguements about which console is better.
  23. Im so poor i can even afford butter for my toast. so i have to use spit and ear wax
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