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  1. Probably fake, but i dont know. I might actually try sending R* a fan letter and see if they give me some free stuff, i wouldnt put it past them.
  2. i get sexually aroused by carpet freshener
  3. Binge drinking, getting into fights we wont remember and falling asleep in the street is what we British do best Anyway, happy birthday to you two, i hope you had/have fun.
  4. exactly. And a lot of the missions where you work for mike torreno, had much more of a (how can i say it?) secret agent style to it, (eg when you have to steal the hydra from the air ship) rather than having a criminal element. If you get what i mean
  5. Nice guide there, dude. But you missed out the street wannabes/sharks. btw, how is this topic useless? I cant see anything wrong with it
  6. I think vice city and vcs have the best storylines, they are pretty simple but theyre believable, and thats better in my view. I felt that san andreas's story was a bit farfetched in places.
  7. I will probably do most of those things, but mostly i want to explore the city and check out the new cars.
  8. I wonder if sixaxis will be used in fist fights, to dodge punches and such. That would be pretty cool.
  9. Im Albanian now, by popular demand.
  10. Luckily for me, i have left school, i dont have a job, and i have the £50 needed to buy the game. Stupidly though i havent pre-ordered, but i will literaly punch my way through the crowds if i have to.
  11. Yo momma's so fat, mountaineers come from all over the world just to climb her Yo momma's so ugly that by law she must wear a shirt with this written on the back "WARNING!! IF I TURN MY HEAD AROUND, COVER YOUR EYES IMMEDIATELY"
  12. It seems to be exams all round at the moment. Well im re-sitting my maths GCSE (because i done so crap in school) and i have got the final exams coming up in about two months, but i dont think i am gonna well at all. I have been trying to study but im not taking any of it in, and i just loose all concentration after about 5 minutes. Its not looking good...
  13. Maybe area 51 is like a decoy to draw people away from another unknown secret base where all the real shit happens. I mean area 51 isnt really all that secret if you can look at it on google earth.
  14. VCS had a piece of artwork (i think) with Lance and Vic in it. Anyway, im loving these GTAIV screenshots, the wait for this game is killing me.
  15. Heres a satelite image of area 51 i found on google. Should i be expecting a knock on the door from the CIA? Maybe i'll be going to Guantanemo Bay soon
  16. Thats a real shame, my cat went the same way just before christmas, her kidneys started failing and she was in a lot of pain when going to the toilet. So we had her put down. It was very hard cos she was aged 20 and i had known her since i was a baby, but with or without treatment she pobably would have died anyway within the next few weeks, but in a lot of pain. So really its the kindest thing you can do.
  17. I had a pretty wierd experience today, i was at my friends farm this morning, and i saw a bull being castrated by the vet (for those who dont know, its when you cut off his bollocks). There was quite a lot of blood, and seeing two testicles the size of your fist lying on the ground was kind of disturbing....
  18. Surely Rockstar have all the rights to GTA seeing as they are the ones who actually created it? Anyway EA can go and eat shit, they are worth billions already, why in gods name do they want more? Its just unbelievable how some people can be so fucking greedy.
  19. I doubt there will be any references to 911, be it a memorial site or the actual towers. It just to much of a touchy subject. And besides, Liberty City is only based on NYC, it not an exact copy.
  20. Thank god for that. Can you imagine what GTA would be like with EA calling the shots? Everything would have to be done by the book (ie, no more humor about sex and the like) so that goodie two shoes EA wont get into trouble. All the billboards ingame would be advertising other EA games, or some mp3 player so EA can get more money from advertising. The games would have to be made to a deadline so EA can get loads of money as quickly as possible, so you end up with a half assed GTA (probably a shitty gangsta style one) without all the extra features. It would be terrible I have always felt that R* and TT dont care so much about the money, like partylenin said, they just want to make their games as good as they can possibly be. You can tell just by looking at the amount of effort they put into the GTAIV website that they have a passion for what they do, and thats why their games are so bloody good. You dont see EA with a whole website dedicated to one game (because that would waste valuable money making time).
  21. That would be a very bad move in my opinion, it seems to me that EA are only interested in making lots of money, and putting little effort into their games.
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