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  1. Does anyone else ever wonder what the point of yoghurt is? Cos i dont
  2. Ive just been seeing on the news that this case goes a whole lot deeper. Its been alleged that the mother knew where her daughter was the whole time, and that she had abandonded her. Dunno much else about it, i wasnt really listening.
  3. Thats just the tip of the iceburg, you wouldnt believe the huge amount of shit EA has produced over the years. List of games by EA I really cant stand EA, they just remind of some bratty spoilt kid who always get what they want, and when they are told "no you cant buy out T2", they throw a big tantrum and start some hostile takeover crap.
  4. Im pissed off. Everything on my PC seems to be dying. Yesterday my video card went, so i cant play any games cos they are really laggy and the graphics look terrible, today my internet keeps cutting off, my speakers have stopped working and my mouse is fucking up too. Oh and i found that my san andreas disk has a big crack in it, so that doesent work either.
  5. I think what Little_Chestnut meant, is that its not so much about his age, its that he doesent seem mature enough to play GTA. On topic: I hate animal cruelty. (And thats not a jab at Cat Licker and his comments about that microwaved hamster, i just hate it in general)
  6. Thats a right kick in the balls, i wonder what will be censored? Australia seems to be becoming more and more of a "nanny state".
  7. Thats just sick, what the fuck is wrong with those girls?
  8. Stupid EA nazis. Do they really think they can win over T2 and R* fans by buying all the fansites?
  9. I come bearing prostitutes for all
  10. the things you have to do these days to be popular
  11. Ok.... thats really weird, and i find it a little strange that the police in Bellevue seem to have nothing better to do than arrest people for fucking tables. In the past few days on these forums, i have found out that some people believe pokemon and digimon really exist, a man claims to have been raped by a wombat, and now this table incident. What the hell is wrong with people these days?
  12. Yes we have made all the arrangements for him to fly to England, then we will meet up and go to the doctor together. But nah, i am one of those stubborn sorts, who wont go to the doctors or hospital unless its actually serious, like if i was dying or severed a limb ect.
  13. I have had a horrible headache today. It was no normal headache either, the whole top half of my head felt like it was going to explode, there was a constant ringing in my ears, and i was puking too. Not the most pleasant day, but im feeling fine now.
  14. If those kids hate swear words so much, imagine how they would feel if they watched Scarface.
  15. I dont give a fuck. Essentialy they are just words, but some find their meanings offensive. But in most cases people dont use them for their true meaning, but mearly as an expression of emotions. Well thats my guess anyway.
  16. I have tooth ache, and i cant eat anything without getting excruciating pain.
  17. thats reminds me, im hungry. cereals ftw
  18. EA should eat a big bag of steaming dicks.
  19. I would like to murder the dick that created "skins". biggest load of congealed shit on TV.
  20. Who would like a drink of congealed piss? Or if you dont like congealed piss, i have some distilled cum mixed with toilet water.
  21. Just watched Torchwood and QI. Two of my favorite programs
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