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  1. well, with 1 day left until IV PC is released in UK and other places, im trying 2 enjoy my console versions(s) for the last time, cuz no video editor, custom tracks, mods & other things, and time to see how IV will play on my system, probably crappy, time to see tho...
  2. what mods do u need, cuz if its car ones, it dm really
  3. make 1 for the gta III series now and for IV when u can
  4. kl, ima go get some MS points soon
  5. so ur saying, only coding files & a few animation files will be in this, believeable, i would say 1-2 GB because of the new voices & cars
  6. any news on the space it will take i only have a 20GB HDD, im sure it will fit, but i dont want too much space taken
  7. i just got hold of a geforce 9800GT 1GB swapped it 4 my 9600GT 512MB cuz my mates comp wont take his 9800GT , im gona be a frame-rate whore and run it on lowest possible settings hopefully i will get around 50 fps on lowest settings with this comp: Intel Xeon Quad Core X5355 2.66 GHz 4GB DDR2 RAM nvidia geforce 9800GT 1GB 500GB HDD windows XP x64
  8. tbh i been harshly put off the console version now, i want this soo badly, its all i do on TH proving ground
  9. i have social anxiety disorder so do a few of my friends, but not to badly, fear of meeting new people & crowded places like shopping centres, but mine ent too bad, i know what caused it, someone who was supposed to be my friend beat me up and embarrased me in front of everyone, he better wait until i find him
  10. but now, i dont understand how ur supposed 2 access it from the game, cuz there is no main menu
  11. i got mine from www.canyourunit.com
  12. oh damn, i dont remember and e-mail :S but i ent starting agen just 4 this lol, ill do it on PC
  13. ok, and completed the game i have my safehouse and my III outfit, but not my friendship with dwayne, wtf? i have used NO cheats
  14. I agree GTA is going downhill, but not that much, slowly but surely its going 2 end, i say, in 2019 the last ever GTA game is released, it cant go on for ever, ideas will run out, sales will fall & will come repetative, lets enjoy why will still have
  15. great, bike riding, time to suck-as and over-doing the euphoria physics even more when I keep falling off but now, its johnny's turn, niko has had enough, but i dont get how its supposed 2 work, they cant just blank your niko progress, and i cant just STOP seeing Kiki, im interested...
  16. wtf?! i was expecting it 2 be just meeting minimum, whats ur system with IV?
  17. this is BS, i was thinking of never connecting my new system to the net , but that down the drain :@
  18. OMFG pokemon, good times!!!! gotta be the onix
  19. im glad u didnt take it seriously :)

  20. print screen then cropped it on paint

  21. what do u mean, i thought you just typed in like 'stujid ps3 fanboy' and it corrests you as 'stupid ps3 fanboy' then type husky in the bar and after the correction has come up

  22. dont see gow, its only a pic of niko and dark, it ent revealing any story

  23. why cant u just carry on niko anywayz, niko is awesome he has the most depth to him, claude had NO depth watsoever, tommy V had a bit but it was stupid, and CJ was just a knob, niko is the only 1 i like
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